Donald Trump’s Brutal View Of U.S.: America In ‘Job Recession’ Due To Misguided Democratic Policies

Donald Trump has a brutally honest perspective of the United States and he’s blaming Democratic policies for the alleged downfall of the country. Apparently, the Republican presidential hopeful believes America is facing the possibility of a new type of recession detailed in a current report published by the Financial Times.

During a recent interview with Breitbart, Donald Trump shared his reaction to the Financial Times report projecting the possibility of an employment recession in the coming months. Although the report confirms the current risk of a recession is relatively low, a gradual increase in unemployment is probable.

John Authers, author of the Financial Times report, explained the risk factors that contribute to the possibility of a job recession in the near future. “The dollar is falling sharply, while the market bets ever more confidently that there will be no rate increases from the Federal Reserve in 2016,” Authers wrote, according to Breitbart.

“This is driven by a rising belief that the U.S. could be slipping into a recession this year — a possibility that only a few weeks ago was regarded as negligible. In response, brokerages and investment banks have started to pump out research, trying to assess the risk of a recession. Almost universally, they conclude that the risks remain low — but that they are rising.”

However, Donald Trump focused on the latter with a statement emphasizing the possibility of risk. Donald Trump has echoed similar sentiments about the current direction spearheaded by the Obama administration. He also offered a detailed explanation to support his perspective and observation of the current job market. Trump compared the current American job market to a “bubble” and he doesn’t believe it will be deflating anytime soon. However, he does believe the current job market will cave in the wake of a new presidential administration.

Due to the timing of a future recession, the new administration may be held accountable for the financial decisions made as a result of the current Democratic policies in place. Although President Obama has made notable economic changes that have drastically lowered the unemployment rate, Donald Trump argues the jobs currently being offered aren’t substantial enough for Americans to achieve the American dream.

“I think you’re sort of in a recession now, you’re certainly in a jobs recession now,” Trump said. “We have millions of people out of work, and the jobs they have are bad jobs. We’re in a bubble. We’re in a bubble. The sad part is it may not pop now, it may pop two weeks into the new administration and the new administration will be blamed for it. One of those things, right? But we’re in a bubble and it’s going to be ugly.”

Although many Democrats and Republicans view the majority of Donald Trump’s statements as nothing more than bombast verbal negligence, a CNBC News report published back in January may serve as supportive financial literature to back his current observation and the Financial Times‘ notion of a possible job recession.

Approximately 75,114 layoffs were reported in the month of January. The debatable figure caused the unemployment numbers to surge to a six-month high, which is why financial analysts fear the numbers will increase as the year progresses. However, Donald Trump believes such occurrences would not happen under his leadership. He believes the employment problems can be rectified by shutting down the international business pipelines.

When American-based companies are relocated to other countries, Americans lose jobs that are vital to the economy. Donald Trump has had enough and he wants Americans to know how he can repair the economic system and the job market to create attractive jobs and business opportunities that will appeal to workers and big businesses collectively.

LONDONDERRY, NH - FEBRUARY 05: A campaign sign for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is dusted with snow after the billionaire was forced to cancel a campaign town hall February 5, 2016 in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Trump's airplane was not able to return to New Hampshire from New York due to a snowstorm. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Donald Trump believes lowering corporate taxes will motivate businesses to return to the United States in order to stabilize the job market. “We’re going to bring our jobs back, we have to bring our jobs back. We’re losing our jobs to Mexico and China and Japan and every country. Everybody is taking our jobs. We have an open policy on losing jobs. And we have to bring our jobs back—the jobs we have, that phony 5.2 percent, the jobs that we have are terrible jobs. They’re considered bad jobs. We’re going to bring the jobs back, and it’s not even going to be hard.”

Do you agree or disagree with Donald Trump? Is America going in the wrong direction and heading toward a job recession? Share your thoughts.

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