‪‪Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man/Miles Morales‬ Explained By Co-Creator Brian Michael Bendis

Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, was born out of a conversation between Marvel Comics and long time comic writer Brian Michael Bendis – whose Alias series served as inspiration for Netflix’s Jessica Jones. The thing that sets the Spider-Man character apart from a lot of the other superheroes in the Marvel Universe is the fact that anyone could be underneath that suit. With that, the idea of inclusion and diversity came up, with the idea of Spider-Man possibly being a kid of color. With his background – a kid living with his aunt and uncle in Queens – Spider-Man doesn’t necessarily have to be white.

Marvel Comics' Spider-Man/Miles Morales‬ Explained By Co-Creator Brian Michael Bendis
[Image via Marvel Comics]
Bendis was in the middle of adopting two girls, one Ethiopian and one African-American, with his wife, and the experience gave him a new perspective, according to Vox. Miles Morales, as the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe, is a high school student with regular problems just like Peter Parker. Only Morales’ father is African-American and his mother is Puerto Rican.

“We have a character who just went through their first big Marvel events, and these events rattled the audience so much because they know it can change the character and change the way the characters relate to each other,” Bendis said, speaking with Entertainment Weekly. “And Miles just went through something huge. And even though time has passed, we can see that he’s struggling to be Miles.”

‪‪Marvel Comics' Spider-Man/Miles Morales‬ Explained By Co-Creator Brian Michael Bendis
Brian Michael Bendis on July 25, 2014. [Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for SiriusXM]
Miles Morales represents Bendis’ desire to provide a new character for children, teens, and adults of color who want to see themselves represented. The fact that he has children of color of his own only makes Bendis more passionate about it. And along with Miles Morales, Marvel Comics have really stepped up and added more characters of color to their rosters. Including Kamala Khan as the new Ms. Marvel, Sam Wilson as the new Captain America and Amadeus Cho as the new Hulk.

“We have a nice surprise coming in issue three of someone debuting that we’re not even going to hint at. All of this, plus his time as an Avenger, plus his time with younger heroes on the Avengers like Kamala and Sam — there are a lot of new team heroes that have a lot to offer each other in friendship and challenge. We are heading right towards Civil War II, and Miles is a very big part of that.”

Marvel Comics' Spider-Man/Miles Morales‬ Explained By Co-Creator Brian Michael Bendis
[Image via Marvel Comics]
Miles Morales was originally created in 2011. At that time, the character was only 13-years-old when he became Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe. Now, he has grown older, being the age of 16. Brian Michael Bendis is the writer of the Miles Morales reboot’s first issue, with Sara Pechilli doing the art. In 2011, Pichelli won an Eagle Award for Favorite Newcomer Artist and lives in Rome, Italy.

Miles Morales may one day soon appear on the silver screen with his own solo Spider-Man film, but for now, Sony is still moving forward with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, with Tom Holland cast in the role. Because of their deal with Marvel Studios, this new Spider-Man will exist in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Avengers – Holland will make his debut as the character in Captain America: Civil War this May.

Empire‘s Bryshere Y. Gray has already thrown in his bid to play Miles Morales. Telling Paper magazine, “I’m young and pretty and I represent the youth in America and speak to them in a way no one can at this time. I’m the American Idol. And I like to climb and fly through the sky and also would look amazing in the Spider-Man outfit.”




[Photo via Marvel Comics]