Charlie Sheen Blasts ‘Doctor’ Treating Him For HIV With Goat Milk, Sheen Is ‘Amazed’ He’s Still Alive [Video]

After claiming HIV was “undetectable” in his body, Charlie Sheen has confirmed that his numbers are now “up” again after working with health professional and self-purported doctor Samir Chachoua. After being diagnosed with HIV, Charlie Sheen started looking for alternative treatment, which included drinking milk from arthritic goats under the supervision of the practitioner, who claims to have eradicated HIV in certain countries.

Sheen took to Twitter on January 31 to blast his former physician, claiming that not only is he not free of HIV, but his numbers are higher than ever. Even though the HIV was “non-detectable” during routine blood checks every week when Charlie first started drinking the goat milk, eventually Sheen found that “the numbers are back up.”

During an interview on the Dr. Oz show, Sheen admitted that he is “amazed he is still alive” after swapping his prescription medications with the goat milk.

In his Twitter statement, Sheen went on to share that he was with “Dr Sam…in Mexico for 1 day,” and blasted Chachoua for treating him in the United States where it is “illegal for [him] to practice.” Charlie Sheen confirmed Samir “treated [him] for 2 months” in the United States.

Why did Charlie seek alternative treatment anyway? According to a pre-recorded clip, Sheen was unhappy with the side-effects of his antiviral medications. At the time, Sheen claimed that he had “been off [his] meds about a week now,” and reportedly felt “great.”

Charlie dismissed concerns that he was risking his life, claiming, “I was born dead. That part of it doesn’t phase me at all.” Sheen added that he “didn’t see it as Russian roulette,” nor as a “a complete dismissal of the conventional course we’ve been on.” Stressing that he is “not recommending that anyone” follow the same path, Sheen said that he was “presenting myself as a type of guinea pig.”

Charlie blames Chachoua for the rise in his numbers, claiming that the doctor told Sheen to stop taking his antiviral medication. Sheen, who won a Golden Globe for his role in Two & A Half Men, claimed in an interview with television personality Dr. Oz that the actor’s physicians were”checking the blood every week and then found out the numbers are back up.”

During an interview with Bill Maher, Chachoua asserted that in 2006, he eradicated HIV as well as another disease called chikungunya from the island nation of Comoros, which is off the eastern coast of Africa. Claiming that his treatment of milk from arthritic goats will “destroy HIV,” Samir is now famous not only for treating Charlie Sheen, but also for injecting the actor’s blood into himself because he is “that confident” of the effectiveness of his cure.

Bill Maher has been criticized for not only allowing “Dr. Sam” on his show, but also for seemingly giving credit to Chachoua for his work with Charlie Sheen. During the episode, Maher argued that although Dr. Oz said it was “very inappropriate” for Samir to inject HIV-positive blood into himself, Bill lauded the move as “confident.”

Chachoua is currently HIV negative, he claims. The effective part of his treatment is the CAEV virus found in arthritic goats; according to Samir, the virus found in goats “destroys HIV and protects people who drink it for life.” The man did not offer any independent proof or evidence of his claims during the interview, but did tell Maher that while Charlie Sheen was taking his prescribed “the incredibly powerful medical cocktails,” the actor still showed signs of the HIV virus in his bloodstream which were not present while Sheen drank the goat milk.

After starting “my treatment,” the virus in Charlie Sheen’s body“became undetectable,” Dr. Sam claimed. A rep for Charlie Sheen confirmed that the actor has returned to taking his prescribed antivirals. Although Sheen “tried a cure from a doctor in Mexico…the minute the numbers went up, he started taking his medicine,” Sheen’s manager Mark Burg said.

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