WWE Rumors: Who Will Lucha Underground Work With After Meetings – WWE Or TNA?

TNA has had some high-flyers on its roster for a long time and showcased them with the X-Division Title. WWE is rumored to be focusing a lot more attention on cruiserweights with a possible rebirth of the title and division along with a new WWE Network show. The popularity of smaller wrestlers and Lucha Underground has led to both WWE and TNA meeting with the promotion recently, but who will they end up working with after the talks?

Not only have officials from both TNA and WWE met with Lucha Underground, but the meetings both happened recently.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Triple H led the group of WWE officials who met with Lucha Underground, and that group included WWE Senior Director of Talent Developement Canyon Cemen. The meeting actually took place back in December, and it’s not 100 percent known what was discussed, but talent was brought up.

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While there were talks between WWE and Lucha Underground about talent and some other things, nothing seemed to come of it. The discussions were said to go nowhere and no sort of agreement or deal was made.

On another note, Wrestling Inc. is reporting that TNA officials also met with Lucha Underground recently, and had a more specific idea in mind. It’s not known who was in the meetings representing TNA or if Dixie Carter was actually there.

TNA’s idea to Lucha Underground was actually a joint show to be done in the Dallas area during the weekend of WrestleMania 32. Lucha Underground ended up rejecting the offer because they just had a feeling that the two companies wouldn’t mix well.

Obviously, TNA was looking to capitalize on the possibility of taking some attention from WWE on their big weekend in early April. TNA has partnered with other wrestling promotions before including AAA and Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling.

As reported by IGN, Lucha Underground was just recently renewed for a third season on the El Rey Network, and that’s just about a week after Season 2 debuted on Jan. 27. Production on a third season is beginning immediately and it’s going to premiere in early 2017.

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WWE has learned that not only are Luchadores going to bring much success and popularity to the promotion, but smaller wrestlers as a whole. The possible rebirth of the Cruiserweight division and title lends confirmation to the fact that Triple H is looking to branch out from Vince McMahon’s old style of the WWE look which was “big, strong, muscular” wrestlers.

Lucha Underground has really shown that the smaller, high-flying wrestlers can be just as popular in America as they are in Mexico. Smaller wrestlers really have brought themselves to the top, and it shows with Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, and so many more.

Obviously, Lucha Underground is bringing in plenty of fans even though there was a bit of doubt after season 1 ended. El Rey Network Chairman Robert Rodriguez is proud of what wrestling has brought to the network.

“Lucha Underground has caught fire by developing a loyal and passionate fan base. I am proud that its home is El Rey Network, and we’re excited to announce a Season 3 return for even more no-holds-barred action.”

Lucha Underground is going to continue moving forward, and with more seasons, one can only believe that more episodes will be coming in the future. It would also not be surprising to see a possible merger or working relationship one day, and one would think it would be with WWE.

During the first two seasons, there have been a number of past WWE stars on the roster including:

  • Johnny Mundo aka John Morrison
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Chavo Guerrerro
  • Big Ryck aka Ezekiel Jackson

For now, the talks between WWE and TNA with Lucha Underground ended up going nowhere and nothing is coming as far as a partnership of any kind. In the future, anything is possible, but if Lucha Underground keeps growing, then El Rey Network may be happy with it staying on its own.

[Image via WWE/Lucha Underground]