Liam Payne, Sophia Smith Together In Headline As Her Solo Career Takes Off

Liam Payne and Sophia Smith were one of the strongest One Direction couples, and their breakup devastated many fans. However, they have temporarily reunited in the headlines, and it appears that Sophia Smith is doing well with her career after her breakup with Liam Payne in October 2015.

From reviewing Liam Payne’s Instagram account, it can be difficult to figure out where he is or if he is with Sophia Smith.

 Liam Payne might still be aching for Sophia Smith, but he has not talked about it in the press.

Reported by the Daily Mail, around January 24, Liam Payne flew into Los Angeles to work with Jennifer Lopez. Insiders close to Liam Payne reported, “[Meeting with Jennifer Lopez] went really well so he’s now going to work his hardest to write as many tracks as possible and present them to her.”

On February 4, Twist reports that Liam Payne might still be in Los Angeles since he was seen hanging out with Paul Butcher — but Liam Payne it appears that he has not been dating since he and Sophia Smith split.

Nevertheless, fans have not forgotten about their wonderful time together as a couple, and Liam Payne and Sophia Smith have been mentioned in several end-of-the-year celebrity breakup articles such as the one printed by the Standard.

Some fans have never accepted their breakup, and therefore a recent poll in J-14 may be especially enticing. In it, fans are asked to vote if they think that Liam Payne and Sophia Smith should get back together.

In the meantime, Fan 2 France points out that Sophia Smith has been spending her time away from Liam Payne taking professional photos of Lou Teasdale.

This should not be a surprise to Liam Payne and Sophia Smith fan since she has been hanging out with Lou Teasdale, Louis Tomlinson’s sister, and Harry Styles’ little sister since they broke up, according to a December 20 report by Fan 2 France.

Liam Payne and Sophia Smith fans are voting on them, but they are not back together officially.

Obviously, Sophia Smith has not left the One Direction fold just yet, and her relationship with Liam Payne only ended around the end of October 2015.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Liam Payne and Sophia Smith started having problems around October, and the breakup may have been the reason that One Direction cancel their show in Belfast, Ireland, according to the Daily Mail.

Following this, for most of the month of November, Liam Payne was reportedly in a lot of emotional pain and may have sent way too many texts to Sophia Smith — begging her to get back together with him.

Around December 20, the Mirror reported that Sophia Smith hanging out with One Direction sisters was a “sign” that the two were finally hanging out together, once again. Unfortunately, these speculations about Sophia Smith and Liam Payne did not appear to pan out over the month of January.

Also during December, it was being reported that Liam Payne wrote a new song called “The Night We Met” for another band called Hometown — and it definitely seemed to be about his relationship with Sophia Smith, according to Movie News Guide.

A week later, Australia News reported Liam Payne was posting topless selfies on his social media as he prepared to ring in the new year without Sophia Smith.

Thankfully, Liam Payne never forgets about an ex, and Music News reports that he is supporting Danielle Peazer, his former girlfriend of two years, with a new business. About Liam Payne, Danielle stated the following.

“[B]eing supported by Liam has been great. We still support each other and I think that’s been really vital for me and for him.”

Despite this, Danielle Peazer said that getting back together with Liam Payne was not in the cards.

[Picture by Julian Finney/Getty Images]