Daniel Tosh’s New Animated Series ‘Brickleberry’ Ditches Bear Rape Following Controversial Remarks

Daniel Tosh loves him some rape. First he left a female audience member feeling uncomfortable during a stand-up show and now it has been discovered that a bear was originally raped in the premiere episode of Tosh’s new animated series Brickleberry.

The animated series about a group of strange park rangers is executive produced by Tosh and he also serves as a voice actor for the series. Given the controversy surrounding his rape joke the shows team worked around the clock to remove the bear rape scene before the series premiered on Friday at Comic-Con.

In the pilot Tosh’s character, a young bear named Molloy is raped by a man who lures him into a trailer while promising him junk food. In another scene a character catches the man raping Molloy.

After the screening for which Daniel Tosh was not present Brickleberry co-creator Waco O’Guin refused to comment on edits made to the pilot. Waco did claim that the recent controversy surrounding the Tosh.O host will likely play no part in the future of Brickleberry’s potential successes or failures.

Fans at Comic-Con didn’t appear to care about Daniel Tosh’s recent rape controversy, cheering when a pre-recorded greeting was played before the animated series’ Comic-Con premiere.

It should be noted that the word “rape” is not used in the show, despite what obviously happened to Molloy.

Other jokes included in the premiere talk about the Ku Klux Klan, PTSD, gender non-conformity and blackface. Tosh doesn’t stop there as he makes fun of a child amputee.

Here’s a clip from the show as featured on Tosh.O, just be aware the gender bending spot may be offensive to some viewers:

In the meantime Daniel Tosh doesn’t seem too worked up over his recent controversy, here’s a recently tweeted message:

It’s not as if Daniel Tosh is a stranger to edgy and insulting jokes, his career has been built on this type of humor and he likely won’t slow down anytime soon.

Tosh’s fans have continued to support his original actions, including the Laugh Factory owner who said the comedian was just being himself during his performance at the famed comedy club.