Kaylan Mahomes: ‘Who’s The Mom’ Photo Breaks The Internet

Kaylan Mahomes posted a “Who’s the mom” photo online and it not only went viral almost immediately, but just about broke the internet. The photo mesmerized the world like the “What color is the dress?” photo did – and sparked just as much debate.

The Indianapolis teenager titled the photo “MomTwinAndMe” and asked viewers to answer the question, “Who’s the mom?” Kaylan Mahomes was not really prepared for all the attention the now viral selfie photo would receive.

After the “MomTwinAndMe” photo blew up on Twitter, a viral hashtag was born. Tens of thousands of social media users retweeted Kaylan’s photo and hashtagged it #blackdontcrack to reference the extremely youthful appearance of the Indianapolis mom, MSN reports.

The Mahomes family is now “internet famous” and are being stopped on the street by strangers who want to pose for pictures with them, International Business Times reports.

The popularity of the photo inspired Kaylan Mahomes, her mom, and twin sister to start an Instagram account dedicated entirely to the sharing of mother and daughter lookalike photos. The new Instagram account was aptly named, MomTwinAndMe.

Kaylan, her twin sister, Kayla, and their mother have been deluged with requests for interviews. The Indianapolis mother may very well be asked about her age-defying skin tips for years to come. Kaylan, 16, said that even people she personally knew could not tell which one of the women in the photo was her mother. She snapped the image when her mother picked she and her sister up from school. She shared the photo with a friend and not much later the picture began to go viral.

“”I try to drink a lot of water, I try to stay stress free. I just focus a lot on emotional inner beauty,” the 35-year-old mother of twins, Tina Mahomes, said during an interview with HLN news.

After many, many minutes of staring at the who’s the mom photo, most viewers still are not sure which woman gave birth to twins, and which of the three ladies are actually the twin daughters.

The who’s the mom photo was posted on the internet on January 28 and quickly garnered 30,000 likes and more than 20 thousand retweets. Thousands of curious social media users browsed other selfies and family photos shared by the twins, Kaylan and Kayla Mahomes in an attempt to decipher clues to the identity of the mother.

The social media guessing game urged viewers to stare at the clothing the three women wore in the who’s the mom pic to help identify which one is older. A close inspection of the neck skin was also encouraged because skin on that area of the body tends to loosen with age. Both suggestions were very good, but still did not make the identification of the mom immediately clear.

The mom is dressed a little less youthful that her twin daughters, but her neck skin is extremely tight for her age. At first glance, the viral selfie appears to be a photo not of a mom and two daughters, but of triplets. In fact, Kaylan said that when she and her twin sister and mother go places together, they are often mistaken for being triplets.

Spoiler alert, if you have not figured it out yet, the mom is on the left and the twin girls are on the right.

Could you figure out who the mom was in the viral photo?

[Image via: Kaylan Mahomes’ Perks of Being Black Tumblr Feed]