Gmail Under Attack From Mailbots While New Browser Tools And Apps Make It Easier To Manage Multiple Gmail Mailboxes

Gmail is one of the many tools offered by Google that helps businesses increase their productivity levels while remaining spam free. For those who are looking for a personal email client that offers the same safety and options, Gmail is a good choice because it can keep personal email accounts spam free.

CNET writer Jessicah Delcort reported about her experience with a recent Gmail mailbot attack. She said that she kept separate accounts for both business and personal. In December 2015, she said that she started receiving questionable messages in her inbox where various accounts had been registered in her name. They included registrations for sites like Instagram and Microsoft. Because she hadn’t registered for these accounts, she didn’t click the links and validate the registrations.

Then she started receiving email for the game watching service Twitch under a different username and, a service she had never heard of. Although all of the emails included links to allow her to dissassociate herself from the services, she chose not to click the links and give away any information. Instead, she turned to Google for help with her Gmail account. They referred her to their FAQ and a nine point security checklist to make sure she had the best security possible.

She later discovered that the most likely scenario for the attack was a mailbot that had signed her up for multiple websites and newsletters. Her only recourse turned out to be using the Gmail spam folder and marking the offending emails as spam. Using the Gmail spam folder allows the user to retrain Google on offending emails. Although it’s not always the easiest solution, particularly if a user receives a lot of spam emails, it’s the only solution for now.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, Google has been doing major upgrades to Gmail to help users get more out of their email. This includes adding push notifications to let users know they have received new email. With the new push notifications, users receive immediate notifications of new emails in their inbox allowing them to be notified of any important emails they may receive.

Voice of America reported that there were new tools for Gmail users to help them more easily manage their email. One of the most useful tools for Gmail users is the undo send. This allows users to undo the premature sending of emails by giving them up to 30 seconds after sending an email to stop it. The feature is particularly helpful for those who may have forgotten to add an attachment to their emails.

To set it up in Gmail is very simple. Simply click the gear icon within Gmail and then go to Settings. Click the undo send feature. Users can set the time for the feature to work from five to 30 seconds. Make sure to save the changes to enable the feature.

Other tools available to get more from Gmail include Chrome browser extensions and mobile apps. One tool to use in Chrome is Sidekick. Sidekick is available as an app for Android and iTunes and an extension for Chrome. What it does is allows you to get notified when an email is read. This is especially handy if you think your emails aren’t getting through to your recipient.

Boomerang is a service that allows you to schedule emails when you want them to be sent. This tool is especially effective if you want to make sure that your recipient receives your email at a specific time. You can schedule important emails for birthdays, important meetings or other events. When you use this service, you will see a send later button within Gmail.

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