Usher’s Stepson Will Lose Insurance Next Month, Likely To Be Pulled Off Life Support

Kyle Glover, the son of Tameka Raymond and stepson of singer Usher will be pulled off life-support in early August. According to sources close to the former couple Tameka can’t afford to keep her 11-year-old son on life support and his insurance will lapse in August.

Tameka is still hoping that her son will make a drastic recovery however doctors declared him brain-dead last week. Kyle was injured when a jet ski collided with him and a friend as they lounged on floating inner-tubes at Lake Lanier.

Kyle’s mom believes her son can still be saved by a last-minute miracle but she simply can not afford to keep the child on life support while paying enormous hospital bills.

The insurance company has not yet set a deadline for the end of insurance coverage but have said it will not provide life support coverage for more than several months.

A source at TMZ says while Usher has been incredibly supportive of the boy he helped raise for several years he has not offered to pay for continued medical bills given the doctors prognosis. After the accident Usher chartered a private jet so Tameka Raymond could be by her son’s side as quickly as humanly possible.

Usher’s stepson has been on life support for more than one week now and no changes in his condition have been reported by doctors or Tameka’s family.

While it is surely hard to let go as the mother of a small child that decision if money driven could be worse on Tameka than the choice to pull the plug for Kyle Grover’s own ability to find peace.