Girl Gets Branded — The Location Is In Her ‘Secret Place’

This girl seemingly didn’t want a tattoo. Rather, she preferred to get branded. However, the girl’s ploy seems to be part of a re-emerging trend from 2009.

You may not have thought to ever get branded. Yet, several people tend to set the daring challenge as their choice body art. While tattoos can be covered, branded areas are more difficult to mask. Well, this girl finds out quickly that it’s not as fun as the idea appeared.

The trending video is actually a re-circulation by Just Thinking Out Loud II — originating from a YouTube user called “Bloomchild.” From the video’s start, you’ll find a woman laying on the floor. Her pants are halfway down her thighs. Although her underwear is visible, you can see that the girl also has sunglasses over her eyes — possibly helping to shield her identity.

While she’s awaiting her branded-experience, the viewers can clearly see a man heating this heart-shaped iron. Of course, to ensure it happens as fast as possible, the man heats the branding iron until it’s red-hot.

Eventually, she’s ready to be branded. As can be seen in the branding video, the man finally sticks the iron to her skin for a short time.

Disclaimer: This video contains graphic situations and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Once the girl leaped from the floor, you could see that the branded area had already begun to scar. Technically, according to Buzzle, this branding process is called scarification.

The source says the branding scar possibly healed over several months. However, during recovery, it could’ve taken from 3 to 12 months for the scar tissue to appropriately develop and “stabilize.” During this stage of the branding process, this girl had to keep it clean “all the time,” says the source.

After undergoing branding, it’s important to keep the area clean due to infection potential. Although it was an interesting branding experience, the girl wasn’t allowed to touch the area without clean hands. Scratching and picking the scabs or blisters, if she did so, would’ve only made the situation worse.

In case you’re interested in the branding experience, it’s recommended — as reports Buzzle — that you don’t use alcohol, peroxide, or scar-healing ointment thereafter. The source says that this will irritate the branded era. It actually mentions to use, either, anti-bacteria or liquid soap.

Also, oxygen doesn’t have a positive affect on this branding technique. Essentially, the end result is supposed to be scar tissue — which would make it permanent. However, if oxygen is allowed amid the burned area, it will only heal the skin and make it healthy again. Likewise, the branded mark will no longer have distinct features, as it should.

How Stuff Works reports that the branding iron has to be heated to, at least, 500 degrees Fahrenheit in order to have all three layers of skin penetrated and burned. However, the third layer only needs to be “grazed.”

While the branded mark in the aforementioned video was applied in one striking application, the source states that it’s not usually applied in one attempt. Instead, the artist would have to try multiple times, only applying different sections.

However, according to Buzzle, you have to be careful depending on the location of your brand. Some vital organs could come under septic shock. If you leave the branding iron on the skin for too long, due to the pain and location, some burns could be fatal. And if not fatal, another version of the results could render permanent nerve damage. Likewise, aside from all the other injuries which could occur, Staph infection could also develop if the branded area isn’t properly treated.

All in all, what do you think about the branding video? Do you know people who have preferred branded experiences rather than tattoos? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via YouTube]