Donald Trump Wins New Hampshire Voters With Profanity, Tells American Companies Moving Overseas To ‘Go F*** Themselves’

Donald Trump gave a profanity-filled campaign speech in New Hampshire in which he told American companies moving overseas to “go f*** themselves” while noting we are going to “knock the sh**” out of ISIS. The profanity continued with the GOP presidential hopeful noting he doesn’t “give a da**” if New Hampshire Trump supporters have to get out of bed to go vote; they have to in order to make America great again.

The Daily Mail reports that Donald Trump gave supporters a boisterous speech filled with profanity while campaigning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The business mogul and GOP presidential candidate took to the stage to decry American businesses who take their companies overseas. Trump told his supporters that those businesses could “go f*** themselves” and that they have let down the American people.

“You can tell them to go f*** themselves, because they let you down and they left.”

The f-bomb wasn’t the only bomb that Trump says he will be dropping if he is made president of the United States of America. Trump also claimed that America will “knock the sh**” out of ISIS when he is president and that there has been enough “gentle bombing.” He says it is time to “bomb the oil” and get it over with before it is too late.

“These guys in Washington, they’re real tough. They can’t beat ISIS, they can’t beat anyone, Afghanistan is going to hell, the Middle East is going down, I’ve been saying bomb the oil for years and they haven’t done it.”

Donald Trump knows how to get a crowd fired up. The GOP candidate gave a profanity-laced speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just days before the state caucuses begin. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Trump claims that the reason the United States continues its “gentle bombing” efforts in the Middle East is over fear of polluting the atmosphere. He notes that if President Obama were truly concerned about environmental problems resulting from the bombing the Middle East, he would not be polluting up the atmosphere to take vacations to Hawaii. He notes that the “Air Force One, an old Boeing 747, with the old engines” spews all sorts of “crap” into the atmosphere and Obama had no issue taking it to Hawaii with his family for a nearly three-week holiday.

“They are doing a very gentle bombing because they don’t want to pollute the atmosphere. And yet Obama will take Air Force One, an old Boeing 747, with the old engines, and spew crap into the atmosphere as he goes to Hawaii and stays for almost three weeks playing golf. Give me a break.”

The Trump supporters in New Hampshire were even called out with a little profanity to encourage everyone to get out and vote despite the weather. Trump told his supporters that he “doesn’t give a da**” and that everyone needs to get out and vote.

“I don’t give a da**, you’ve got to get out of bed.”

Though Trump has recently taken to attacking fellow GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Twitter, he did not mention Cruz’s name during his New Hampshire speech. Instead he focused on the issues he felt the New Hampshire voters cared most about and didn’t give Cruz any additional air time. However, he continues to bash Cruz for what he claims should have him disqualified in Iowa and that it amounts to a misdemeanor at best.

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[Image by Mary Altaffer/ AP Photo]