Will The iPhone 7 Have Wireless Charging Like The Samsung Galaxy S7?

Apple is hoping to reignite excitement with the iPhone line with the iPhone 7, which is said to be released in September. MacRumors recently talked about the alleged specs on Apple’s upcoming iPhone.

“Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7 Plus may feature a 256GB storage option and larger 3,100 mAh battery as two differentiating features over the smaller iPhone 7…Apple may remove the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in favor of an all-in-one Lightning connector, possibly helping the smartphones achieve between 6.0mm and 6.5mm thinness and a waterproof design.”

According to Forbes, we could finally see a waterproof iPhone 7, which is great for those who keep dropping their phones in toilets. Forbes and several other sites report that both new iPhones won’t have antenna stripes. This is significant as it will allow Apple to make a thinner iPhone. Allegedly, Apple will now design the new iPhones with “smart aluminum” that allows wireless signals to pass though them without any of the antenna stripes.

This morning, MacRumors revealed another possible feature of the iPhone 7.

“Amid rumors that Apple is working on extended range wireless charging capabilities for future iPhones, there has been some speculation that Apple has partnered with Energous to implement the technology. Energous is the company behind WattUp, an emerging wireless charging technology that uses radio frequencies to charge devices from up to 15 feet away.”

This caused a lot of excitement on Twitter.

MacRumors adds that there is no actual concrete proof of Apple’s relationship with Energous, but that the partnership seems very likely. If the iPhone 7 doesn’t have the type of wireless charging that uses radio frequencies, many hope it at least has normal wireless charging, which the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have. In fact, all Samsung phones have been blessed with wireless charging capabilities for the past two years.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung sells its own wireless charging pad that you can place the smartphone on and instantly watch it charge. You can also buy charging pads by a lot of different companies. If you go to Starbucks and have an iPhone, they provide a white ring to connect to the charging port to make it wireless. Unfortunately, the iPhone charges very slowly this way.

In an article from last September, ZDNet wrote about the frustrations of still having to plug in an iPhone and iPad to the wall.

“That being said, and with all the goodness that the iPhone 6S and iPad Pro entail, and all the new technology being rolled out into these devices, Apple missed out on a huge opportunity to lead the industry with their tenth generation iPhone and seventh generation iPad.”

Cult of Mac also recently wrote an article questioning why the iPhone doesn’t have wireless charging. They say it’s possible that Apple doesn’t believe that current wireless charging standards are good enough. This makes sense because Apple, at least until recently, has been known for perfection and current wireless charging standards are limited. Let’s hope if the iPhone 7 does have wireless charging, it will change the way wireless charging works.

[Photo via Daryl Deino]