Chris Latham, Wendy Moore: Former Exotic Dancer Wanted Bank Exec’s Wife Dead—Investigation Discovery’s ‘Dying For Love’

Chris Latham, the Charleston, South Carolina, bank exec who arranged the murder of his wife, along with his side lover, Wendy Moore, will be the subject of the upcoming Forbidden: Dying For Love on Investigation Discovery. In tonight’s episode entitled “Deadly Divorce,” producers will examine the relationship that developed between a prestigious banker and a secretary, and how that affair almost led to the death of socialite Nancy Latham, aka Nancy Cannon. Forbidden: Dying For Love will reenact parts of the complicated story, which is decorated with a bevy of strange characters. In this true tale, you have the high-powered bank executive, the beautiful blonde lover, the unknowing “soon to be” ex wife, and two criminals who were told to get the job done. The case had a lot of twists and turns that police finally unraveled, which eventually ended with the convictions of Chris Latham and Wendy Moore, according to ABC News.

Nancy and Chris Latham started out deeply in love after meeting each other on a blind date. Together the socialite and her husband built a wonderful life for themselves and their two daughters — a life that included lavish parties and a taste of life’s finer things. But, like anything, the marriage eventually soured. Before long, Chris Latham was sleeping in another room and Nancy Latham was growing suspicious about the change in his personality. All of the business trips that he was going on didn’t help, either. But Nancy Latham’s hunch that something was going on proved to be true after a private investigator told her that Chris Latham had another woman.

Chris Latham later moved out, and that got the ball rolling for a bitter divorce between the two. You see, Chris Latham had it all planned out. He needed Nancy out of the way because he didn’t want to pay her alimony in the divorce. And that pretty blonde that we mentioned at the beginning of the article? Well, he had plans for her, too. It seems that with Nancy Latham dead, Chris Latham and his lover, Wendy Moore, could make a life for themselves.

The pretty blonde woman was eye candy for an aging exec like Chris Latham, and he wasn’t about to give her up. As for Wendy Moore, she knew just the right person to help her get rid of Nancy, her ex husband, Samuel “Sam” Yenawine. Court records show that a nicely organized packet had been put together with details about Nancy Latham, her daily routine, and the layout of the home. The plan most likely would have gone off without a hitch had Sam Yenawine not recruited Aaron Wilkinson.

According to Wilkinson, he never wanted to go along with the plan to kill Nancy Latham, and believes that he was sort of bullied into participating. Lucky for him — and for Nancy, Wilkinson was pulled over by the cops after he was looking for a place to buy some heroin, leading him to tell police that he knew all about a murder plot that involved Nancy Latham. Investigators quickly warned Nancy and her daughters, then put a plan in place to lure Sam Yenawine into discussing the murder plot with Wilkinson over the phone. It didn’t take investigators long to hear what they needed on the tapes to prove that this plot was real.

Sam Yenawine was arrested, as well as his ex wife, Wendy Moore. After several months passed, they eventually had enough evidence to arrest Chris Latham for arranging the murder of Nancy Latham. For the crime, Chris Latham was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Wendy Moore was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Sam Yenawine committed suicide by hanging in prison in 2013. The hero in this case was the informant, Aaron Wilkinson, who was credited as saving Nancy Latham’s life. A plea deal for him meant that he would accept a sentence of just a few short years in prison.

The Chris Latham-Wendy Moore story will air on Forbidden: Dying For Love on Investigation Discovery tonight at 10 p.m. Curious about some other episodes? Check out the Jesse Valencia gay cop story, or the story about Noor Almaleki, the pretty Iraqi-American girl who was killed by her own father.

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