Freida Pinto: ‘Trishna’ Is Beautiful Yet Tragic

Freida Pinto made her debut in 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire and became an overnight sensation. The young actress’s latest film, “Trishna,” may not have the same commercial success as her first movie, but according to the actress, it’s a “very beautiful and yet tragic” tale.

IMBD summarizes the new film:

“(Trishna tells) the story of the tragic relationship between the son of a property developer and the daughter of an auto rickshaw owner.”

Pinto, who plays the young woman in love with the rich boy, said that the movie starts very innocently but quickly takes a desperate turn.

Pinto told the NY Daily News:

“I guess the journey is very beautiful and at the same time very tragic… because it goes from being really innocent to being in a situation of almost desperation and finally to redemption. It’s quite an intense journey for one girl to go through.”

The movie was directed by Michael Winterbottom and has an improvised, documentary style feel to it. Pinto said that there was never a “solid script” and that she had to improvise many of her lines. But since her character in the movie is quiet, and Pinto is very outspoken, the actress found the role very challenging.

Pinto said:

“I guess that was really hard for me, especially because we didn’t really have a solid script,” she said. “So every time, I would try to say something or speak out against something, Michael would just say, ‘No, you don’t say anything in this situation. Just observe’.”

Here’s the trailer for Freida Pinto’s new movie, Trishna.