Jennifer Aniston: Back In 1995, Jen Told Oprah That ‘Friends’ Hadn’t Changed Her Life All That Much

Jennifer Aniston has it all, an incredible career, great health, stunning beauty, fabulous friends and a hot husband. When it comes to her career, Jennifer Aniston always wanted to be an actress. At least, that’s what Perez Hilton reports Jennifer Aniston said last year at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

“When I was a little girl growing up in New York City, all I ever wanted to be was Scarlett O’Hara. Oh, well. I’m Jennifer Aniston, and I’m an actor.”

She is indeed Jennifer Aniston and she is one of the most talented actresses around today. Despite this, when she was in Friends, Jennifer Aniston didn’t think she was all that popular. Refinery 29 reports that way back in 1995, Aniston was interviewed by Oprah and she told Oprah that her life hadn’t really changed since the show premiered the previous fall.

“You know, I haven’t felt… I still just go to work every day. I mean there are people on the street, but I don’t get it as much as these guys. I don’t know why. I haven’t felt this sort of — I haven’t been bombarded by people, and I don’t feel it has changed my life that much.”

It’s funny that she felt that way, because Jennifer Aniston certainly rocketed to fame during Friends and her star has risen incredibly high since then. One of her most recent movies, the Indie drama Cake, allowed Aniston to show her talents as a drama actress.

Deadline reports that now Jennifer Aniston is going to have the opportunity to test those dramatic waters again in The Fixer, in which she plays real-life sports manager Denise White.

Vanity Fair reports that in a profile with Men’s Journal, Denise White was described by Ephraim Salaam as the world’s most expensive babysitter.

“She’s the world’s most expensive babysitter, because some dudes keep repeating childish things… And trust me when I tell you, she steps to them strong, but there’s that handful of guys who don’t hear it first time out. Or the third or fourth time, either.”

It sounds like a fresh and challenging role for Jennifer Aniston, who hasn’t always been given her due for the movies she has made. Den of Geek contributor Simon Brew writes that Aniston’s movies are completely underrated.

“For some reason, Jennifer Aniston is an actress who’s attracted a fair amount of ire for her film work. This is in spite of the fact that she’s starred in some huge hits (Bruce Almighty), and been willing to take chances on riskier projects (most recently, Cake). I don’t want to name names, but I came across an article last year whose headline was something along the lines of ‘Jennifer Aniston films that actually don’t suck’, and was taken aback. Had I missed something? Did a memo go around saying we had to not like Jennifer Aniston movies, or just be p*ssy towards her? Because I think that Jennifer Aniston is an acting talent who’s skillfully managed to move from being a massive TV star to an interesting film performer, by being willing to choose some interesting roles. Sure, she’s played a few safer bets, but then I do think each of the following is well worth seeking out…”

Jennifer Aniston is just beginning to spread her wings, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see her on the list of nominees at the Academy Awards in the near future. For now, fans can just keep enjoying her fabulous films.

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