‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Blindsides And Jaw Droppers Teased For Episode 6 As Ben Higgins Faces Bachelorette Drama

Episode 6 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season with Ben Higgins is being hyped as an extremely dramatic and shocking one. This is a franchise that loves to build a lot of hype and fans are wondering if Monday’s episode can really live up to all of this early hoopla. What Bachelor spoilers are available for the February 8 episode?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ben Higgins and his remaining nine ladies will head to the Bahamas after the confrontation with Olivia Caridi plays out and the rose ceremony takes place. Viewers and the other bachelorettes may be hoping that Ben will take Olivia’s rose away, but Reality Steve‘s spoilers detail that Ben keeps Olivia for now.

Just who is eliminated at that rose ceremony in Mexico? Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Jen is sent home, and she is the only elimination since Jubilee was eliminated during the group date in Episode 5.

As previous Bachelor spoilers have detailed, there are three dates in Episode 6: a group date, a one-on-one date and the two-on-one date that typically happens once per season. The network has been quite careful to edit Olivia out of the previews for Episode 6, but it seems that she is still in the mix of things heading to the Bahamas.

A new Bachelor spoiler sneak peek via Entertainment Tonight shows Chris Harrison filling the bachelorettes in on the date schedule for their time in the Bahamas. As most would expect, they do screech a bit when they learn that the duo date is on the way. As for the one-on-one, Leah Block makes it clear that she is really hoping she gets this date, as she has yet to have an individual date with Ben.

Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that Leah does not get this date, however, and it will cause to friction later in the episode. Instead, Caila Quinn scores her second individual date with Ben. The two are said to have a great outing, though she will be struggling to open up to Higgins. However, Bachelor spoilers detail that she does get the rose.

There is a group date that Bachelor spoilers tease includes swimming with pigs, and the two-on-one date reportedly includes both Emily Ferguson and Olivia Caridi. While Olivia is seemingly a bit overconfident on this date, Emily is a bit more anxious. After all, if Ben didn’t send Olivia home after some of her earlier stunts, is there any reason to expect her to go home now?

Viewers will have to tune in to see how it plays out, but Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that there is a shocker ahead for some, at least for Olivia, with this date. Bachelor spoilers share that Higgins keeps Ferguson and sends Caridi packing. When Olivia’s bags are picked up from the hotel, there is sure to be a wild reaction from the remaining bachelorettes.

The Bachelor spoilers for Episode 6 detail that one front-runner will be left worrying about her reputation, but so far Reality Steve‘s spoilers have not revealed anything specific on this front. Many suspect that this will relate to Lauren Bushnell in some way, but that is not known for certain yet. Both Lauren and JoJo Fletcher are seen in tears in Episode 6 and the network promises a lot of drama from beginning to end in this next show.

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As for Leah and her frustration over the lack of alone time she gets with Ben, Reality Steve‘s spoilers reveal that she will sneak away from the ladies and try to talk with Ben about this situation. In a move that may well come as a blindside to the other ladies, Bachelor spoilers share that Ben will end up sending Leah home during this secret time together.

Previews tease that in this episode, one woman will turn out looking even worse than Olivia, but the scoop on this teaser remains under wraps for now. Reality Steve‘s spoilers have indicated that Lace Morris and Olivia were really the key “villains” in Season 20, so it’s hard to guess which bachelorette will seemingly look even more problematic in this next episode.

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Ben Higgins is said to cancel the cocktail party for Episode 6, a move that will surely leave some of the ladies feeling pretty anxious. Ultimately, Ben needs to eliminate one more bachelorette at the rose ceremony, and there may be a few shocked by this next decision as well. Though Lauren Himle had a good date with Ben in Episode 5 and got the date rose, Reality Steve‘s spoilers share that Ben sends her home in Episode 6.

Will Episode 6 truly be full of blindsides and jaw-dropping moments as the network teases? The Bachelor spoiler fans probably will not be left all that stunned, unless somehow Reality Steve’s spoilers pan out to be inaccurate for this episode.

However, viewers are loving this season and are anxious to embrace all the highs and lows that come on the way to Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony. Does he find love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season this winter? Viewers cannot wait to find out.

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