Lindsay Lohan Accident: Brake Failure Excuse Debunked By Porsche

It looks like the Lindsay Lohan car accident drama may not be over yet, as Porsche has tested the brakes on the rental car that crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler in June.

The New York Daily News reports that Lohan initially blamed the accident on the truck driver, who she stated cut her off. The driver, however, stated that he did not cut the 26-year-old star off, but instead she was “flying” down the Pacific Coast Highway shortly before the crash.

After the truck driver’s story, TMZ notes that Lohan claimed the brakes on the Porsche, stating that when she pressed on them, they didn’t respond. Like any good car manufacturer would, Porsche contacted the rental car company and asked to formally test the brakes on Lindsay Lohan’s crashed Porsche.

The rental company obliged, according to TMZ sources and when Porsche ran its tests, they found the installed brakes to be in great working condition, showing no evidence of malfunction, which, unfortunately for Lohan, completely debunks her excuse–meaning that yet again, she has lied to the police.

A representative for the Santa Monica police department declined to comment, as did a representative for Porsche, who simply told TMZ they were cooperating fully with authorities.

According to The Examiner, Lindsay Lohan’s car accident took place while she was filming the Lifetime biopic Liz and Dick, about Elizabeth Taylor. Lohan was behind the wheel in June, despite the fact that she was forbidden from driving during filming, because of ah insurance policy taken out by the movie’s production company, which thought that allowing LiLo to drive could result in her being incapable of finishing the film. Following the car accident, she was banned from driving until filming had completed.