Police Seeking Actress: Kate Del Castillo Accused Of Money Laundering For El Chapo?

Kate del Castillo is being sought by police. The Mexican television star attracted the attention of prosecutors after she reportedly brokered the meeting between Sean Penn and drug cartel leader, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Mexican law enforcement officials have been attempting to interview Kate del Castillo and question the actress about money laundering. The charges stem from her possible shifting of El Chapo’s drug money through her thriving tequila business, MSN reports. Castillo has not yet been charged with any criminal offense.

Kate del Castillo’s alleged involvement with the Mexican drug cartel is a bit of life imitating art. Castillo once had a starring role in the hit Showtime series Weeds. She played a mover and shaker who dipped her toes into not just in politics, but the drug and human trafficking trade that afforded the cash to buy politicians.

According to statements by two Mexican security officials, Castillo did not present herself voluntarily to local authorities to make a statement. If the friend of El Chapo is found in the country, she will reportedly be detained to make a witness statement and then will be released. The actress is a naturalized United States citizen who had lived in Los Angeles for many years. She recently asked a California court to issue an injunction that bars Mexican officials from detaining her. Her attorneys were reportedly asked to provide additional details about the matter before a ruling could be issued.

Neither Kate del Castillo nor her representatives have replied to multiple requests for comment about El Chapo, Sean Penn, and the emerging allegation about money laundering. Several weeks ago, she posted a tweet maintaining that many people are making comments about her that “think will make good stories and that aren’t truthful.”

Mexican law enforcement officials reportedly believe that del Castillo facilitated the Sean Penn and El Chapo meeting in the northern mountain region of the country that ultimately led officers to find the prison escapee. So far, police officials have not yet voiced a desire to question Penn about the meeting.

After the capture of El Chapo, Milenio, a Mexican newspaper, published a long string of text messages between the actress and the drug lord. Federal investigators confirmed the authenticity of the messages.

Kate del Castillo has made movies and television shows in both Mexico and the United States. Her credits include Weeds, La Rena del Sur, The 33, and Under the Same Moon, IMDb reports. She began her career as a little girl but did not get her break until she appeared in the popular telenovela Muchachitas. When she appeared as a leading lady in nine different telenovelas, the shows hit the top of the Nielson ratings in Mexico every time.

L’Oréal Paris signed del Castillo to an exclusive contract to be a U.S. spokeswoman for its beauty brands. Ads for the campaign were shot in both Paris and Los Angeles and were played in American and Mexico. In 2007, the History Channel named Kate the spokesperson for Hispanic Heritage Month, and a group of California Ford dealers hired her to star in both their radio and television ads. In 2009, the actress was appointed as the Mexican Commission on Human Rights ambassador and was tasked with addressing human trafficking. She worked with United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Mira Sorvino on the Blue Heart campaign in 2010.

What do you think about police looking for actress Kate del Castillo to discuss El Chapo, money laundering, and possibly Sean Penn?

[Photo by Matt Sayles/AP]