WWE News: UFC Fighter CM Punk Ends Interview Suddenly After A WWE Question

Will CM Punk ever return to the WWE?

That question has been raised over thousands, even possibly millions, of times and the answer is always the same. Punk and the WWE both moved on from each other. At this time, the former WWE champion is on his way towards his UFC debut, and the WWE has created new stars, but none to the level of Punk’s popularity and likability.

He made strides in the business and changed it for a short period of time. WWE officials stopped caring about bodybuilders winning championships, but rather the best workers being in the right position in the company. At one point, Punk was the WWE champion, Daniel Bryan held the World Heavyweight title, and Zack Ryder was the United States champion.

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It was a great time to be a WWE fan who always liked Indy wrestling. In 2016, times changed, and it’s not back to the way it was, but there’s fewer CM Punks of the world. Not many are forgoing what WWE officials say and doing their own thing. The New Day is the true exception to that rule right now. Either way, Punk is a fighter now.

Apparently, that’s not what everyone thinks as they watched Punk excel in WWE, but then transition to the UFC. In a recent interview with Complex.com, writer Kevin Wong asked CM Punk if he’s anxious or intimated about making the transition from pro wrestling to UFC. SEScoops.comprovided an excerpt from the interview.

Punk: “I get this question a lot, and it’s like you guys think I’m an idiot. Like I didn’t know MMA wasn’t pre-determined or something like that,” says Punk. “Have you ever tweeted at me, ‘Hey, do you know what you’re getting into?'”

Wong: “I never have.”

Punk: “Okay. It sounds like you might have.”

Wong: “I don’t mean to put you on the defensive…”

Punk: “I’m not on the defensive. Your question is insulting. You’re asking me if I know the difference between the WWE and the UFC?”

Wong: “That’s not what I’m asking.”

Punk: “That’s exactly what you’re asking.”

Wong didn’t stop there. After the awkward exchange, Punk was then asked if fans are questioning his motives by joining the UFC, or thinking it may never happen. The Voices of the Voiceless dropped another “pipebomb” on the Complex reporter.

“You say my fans say that? You’re mistaken,” he said. “My fans do not say that. I wouldn’t say anything to them [my critics]. I don’t justify stupidity with an answer. I don’t give a s*** what anybody thinks of me, whether I’m going to fight or not. I know what I’m going to do.”

Was Punk justified to answer that way? Since he’s had to talk about it on countless occasions, he was well within his right to talk to him that way. It isn’t like he acted irresponsibly or immaturely, the former WWE superstar simply answered the way he felt it was supposed to be.

The questions about Punk’s transition from pro wrestling to MMA should conclude because the transition has been complete for over a year and a half. He’s far removed from that stage of his career. Questions should focus on his training and how he feels his first fight will go. The WWE portion of his life won’t be forgotten, but it’s certainly not worth discussing at this point.

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Besides, if Punk does return to the WWE, he’ll be the first to say it. The Chicago native has never shied away from a question that didn’t deserve answering. If the time comes, that question will deserve an answer.

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