World Nutella Day! Today’s The Day You Can Legitimately Eat Nutella For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Nutella fans around the world are rejoicing today, February 5, for today is World Nutella Day. And while many people are deliriously happy that they can legitimately pull out their favorite spoon and dig into a jar of Nutella, others seem baffled as to where this pseudo-holiday came from.

You could be forgiven for thinking that World Nutella Day is a new holiday masquerading as a long-term celebration, but as BT noted, the worldwide Nutella celebration actually goes back nine years, when Sara Rosso, a self-confessed die-hard Nutella fan, took it upon herself to name February 5 in honor of her favorite hazelnut chocolate spread.

Nutella, which is obviously overjoyed with a national day of recognition for the company’s world famous product, has come on board and created 10 suggestions for Nutella fans to celebrate Nutella’s big day. The list includes everything from trying a new Nutella recipe to creating some Nutella-themed art and even more lofty goals such as hosting a Nutella party.

For everyday Nutella fans, though, World Nutella day is a great excuse to enjoy a Nutella-themed breakfast.

This is followed by Nutella for lunch.

The day is rounded off with Nutella for dinner.

According to the Telegraph, the brand name Nutella was created as a simple combination of the word “nut” (Nutella is made from hazelnuts, after all) followed by “ella,” which is the Latin suffix for “sweet.”

Nutella remarkably outsells Marmite throughout the UK, and in early 2015, it was estimated that a jar of Nutella was sold somewhere around the world every 2.5 seconds. Two years earlier, in 2013, it was estimated that the globe could be circled 1.4 times by lining up the jars of Nutella produced in that year alone. In addition, the Telegraph reports that for many years, Italian shops would happily give a free smear of Nutella to any child who brought in a slice of bread.

Palm oil is one of the main ingredients of Nutella, and when a French proposal was made in 2012 to increase taxes on palm oil, an international backlash ensued. The amendment later became widely known as the “Nutella tax.”

Liverpool Echo lists 11 suggestions for different ways that Nutella fans can celebrate the spread’s international holiday. One suggestion, which is sure to be a hit, is to create your own DIY Nutella lip balm out of beeswax chips, coconut oil, and of course, Nutella.

Other suggestions include taking a Nutella selfie, eating out at one of many restaurants and cafes that serve Nutella branded products, creating a grilled sandwich with Nutella and Marmite, drizzling Nutella over French fries, trying a Nutella flavored cocktail, and even repurposing your old Nutella jars into useful household items.

For diehard Nutella fans, there is even a range of Nutella-themed jewelry available.

Confess in the comments: How will you be celebrating this year’s World Nutella Day? Share your favorite Nutella recipes and other ideas.

[Image via Abramova Elena/Shutterstock]