Farrah Abraham Slams 'Teen Mom' Fans & Threatens Producer: Celebrities & Daughter Sophia Join Nicki Minaj Feud

Farrah Abraham received an unpleasant surprise when a Facebook Q&A session for Teen Mom fans turned into a hate fest. The star of Teen Mom OG found herself slammed with a series of insults and hostile questions, reported In Touch Weekly.

"Why are you so rude to your mom and dad when they go above and beyond for you?" questioned one fan.

Another follower of Teen Mom warned Farrah that her daughter Sophia may act just like Abraham one day.

"Honey, you are so disrespectful and self-centered. Are you prepared for the day Sophia turns the table on you? " asked that follower. "You my darling are nothing but a [...] dumpster that will never have any respect from anyone, so how does that make you feel [sic]?"

'Teen Mom' fans slam Farrah Abraham. [Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment]

Moreover, Farrah was questioned as to why she showed such a lack of respect to others. At that question, Abraham blew up, insisting that she doesn't get the respect she deserves.

"I can only say if I'm being treated properly I will give the same to others but I am one of the most respectable people you will ever meet and you would probably come around to say I'm not rude I'm honest. Change your mindset and train yourself to see the positive [than] be corrupted by negative [sic]," advised Farrah.

Abraham didn't just slam the fans of Teen Mom, however. Farrah also got violent with producers and even threatened to quit the reality TV show, reported Design & Trend.

In a sneak peek of Teen Mom OG, Abraham gets wild when it comes to letting go with executive producer Larry Musnik. The yelling started when Farrah ordered the camera crew to leave her house.

"I don't know why anyone's here today because there's really a void in our agreement because you wouldn't allow me to seek other forms of income," challenged Abraham.

Farrah then informed the producer that he should contact her attorney and not even speak to her.

Farrah Abraham poses.
Farrah Abraham poses. [Photo by Steven Henry/Getty Images]

"Right now, by having us go, you're in breach of contract," yelled Larry.

Abraham screamed back, calling him some NSFW names. The producer, in turn, let loose.

"We've been here for seven years and invested time out of our lives to tell your story and have given you plenty of opportunities [to make money]! We walked in the door when you were in your cheerleading outfit. This [show] gave you your start!"

After more screeches, Farrah issued her threat.

"Get the f-k off my property! Go f-k yourselves and I will never f-----g working with you guys again," yelled Abraham.

With those indications that Farrah just might have an anger management problem, Abraham hasn't limited herself to Teen Mom fans and producers when it comes to slamming. A recent Twitter war between Farrah and Nicki Minaj even involved Sophia, the young daughter of Abraham, reported Hollywood Life.

At 6, Sophia showed she's learned how to be as sassy as mommy by joining in the battle between her 24-year-old mother and Nicki, 33. Sophia, who has her own Twitter followers, informed the world what she thinks of Minaj in a video.

"Hi everybody, Nicki Minaj is a total loser," slammed the daughter of Farrah.

The feud began when Minaj tweeted her feelings about Abraham while she was viewing Teen Mom OG.

"Farrah is a c*** to her mother," posted Nicki.

Abraham promptly fired back, telling the rapper that her videos resembled "porn." She also forbid Sophia to view those videos.

In addition to the Teen Mom star, her daughter, and the rapper, some celebrities were drawn to the feud, reported MTV News.

Model Chrissy Teigen enjoyed the battle so much that she confessed she wanted more.

As for other stars of Teen Mom, Amber Portwood pronounced herself baffled by the battle.
Of course, Abraham's daughter had to have the last word.
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