Christina Milian Celebrates ‘First’ Winery Anniversary, Lands Magenta ‘Rocky’ Role

February has started out with a blast for Christina Milian, and several elements of her career are being highlighted in the press. Regardless, it is unclear if this is truly her “first” anniversary with her Viva Diva winery.

Nevertheless, Christina Milian may have made a mistake because she was too busy designing her costume for her role as Magenta in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Interest in “Rocky Horror Picture Show” peak in 2015 because it was the 40-year-anniversary of the cult classic movie. (Photo by Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images)

On February 2, Christina Milian posted a meme on Instagram that said “God has a plan” and she added in the caption “Just go with it…” — and it seems that her life has been unfolding this way.

For instance, Christina Milian took the plunge and opened her own winery, Viva Diva. Now, for the “first anniversary” of Viva Diva wines, Christina Milian is celebrating, according to the Daily Mail. On February 3, they noted that Christina Milian organized the celebration at the Macau nightclub in Hollywood.

Interestingly, despite social media posts from Viva Diva Wines that specifically state that this is the first-year anniversary of Viva Diva, Christina Milian has been associated with the brand as early as 2013, according to YouTube and Global Grinder.

Christina Milian, Jack Nicholson have joined the list of people in Rocky Horror Picture Show remake.
Jack Nicholson is one of many celebrities that has starred in remakes of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Painted Turtle)

From photographs, it appears that the Viva Diva celebration was an informal event with Christina Milian wearing a hot pink, stretch-lace dress and only family, staff and friends in attendance.

However, in the past, Christina Milian has shown up at celebrity events to promote Viva Diva. A good example is Christina Milian’s giveaway of Viva Diva wine at her friend Vanessa Simmons’ party in early December, according to the Daily Mail.


They also added that for an upcoming role in Rocky Horror Picture Show, Christina Milian would “add her own take to the role of Magenta, originally played by Patricia Quinn.”

Of course, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Christina Milian has many business ventures, and fans are aware that another business of hers is her We Are Pop Culture fashion design line. Does this mean that Christina Milian’s fall fashion line will contain more Dr. Frank N Furter and Magenta?

As it appears, Christina Milian may have already designed a prototype for her Magenta costume and posted it on Instagram.

Christina Milian also reported on Instagram on February 4 that she is making music again. The picture of Christina and Harvey T.I.E of WME Entertainment was captioned with “making [music] for the world and one of my most favorite destinations… U.K.!”

Others showing their love for Christina Milian and her music include MIC. In a recent review of the “ultimate Spotify running playlists,” they mentioned Christina Milian’s “Dip It Low” as an essential.

Naturally, many Christina Milian fans love seeing her in her role in Grandfathered as Vanessa, and AV Club recently reviewed her character. About Christina Milian’s character, they appear to shade Vanessa — but insist Christina is a great actress. Concerning their critique of Christina Milian’s, Vanessa, they stated the following.

“At this point, we know Vanessa to be many great things, but classy is not one of them … She wants to be classy, but she just isn’t. She orders an artichoke and doesn’t know how to eat it, because they are a really weird food. She spends the rest of the episode dealing with artichokes.”

What you will not see from Christina Milian over the end of January and the beginning of February is a mention of Lil Wayne. After their breakup in early January, it seems that Christina Milian has moved on — but no rumors about a new romance in her life have been mentioned, yet.

On the other hand, according to Variety, Christina Milian playing Magenta means that she will have a new on-screen lover in her life, Riff Raff, played by Broadway musical actor, Reeve Carney.

[Picture by Joe Scarnici/Stringer/Getty Images]