Johnny Manziel Allegedly Hits Ex Girlfriend, Threatens To Commit Suicide

Johnny Manziel refuses to stay out of the headlines. Details have now been revealed in regard to his latest incident with his ex girlfriend. According to TMZ, the police report noted that Colleen Crowley informed the authorities that Manziel hit her a couple of times and threatened to commit suicide after dropping her off at her apartment in Fort Worth, which led police to utilize a helicopter and taxpayers’ money to try to find the often troubled Cleveland Browns quarterback.

Despite no longer being in a romantic relationship, Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley decided to go out together with a group of friends in Dallas. At some point in the night, the two of them started arguing about another woman. The two of them decided to end the evening and head home. As Manziel was driving Crowley back to her apartment, an argument ensued that ended up with the police department being involved.

When asked about the incident by reporters, Johnny Manziel predictably informed them that none of the allegations were true. The former Texas A&M star stated that he was 100 percent committed to playing football, which is a statement that very few people on the planet would believe because he has shown that his outside life is much more of a priority to him than playing in the NFL.

Jerry Jones Jerry Jones [Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images]One of the more fascinating things about this entire Johnny Manziel ordeal is that not too far away from the incident is the headquarters of an NFL team that had extremely strong interest in signing him when the Cleveland Browns release him in a couple of weeks. Dallas Cowboys’ owner has not hidden the fact that he has long been enamored with Manziel and was hoping that he could become the backup quarterback to the frequently injured Tony Romo.

Michael Irvin was one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play in the NFL, and he was a major reason why the Dallas Cowboys were able to capture some Super Bowl rings for Jerry Jones. Irvin, who still has deep connections within the Cowboys organization, has publicly been campaigning for Dallas to sign Johnny Manziel. Michael even offered to personally be a mentor for Johnny if that transaction were to take place.

Even though the team has long had a history of taking risks with troubled players, this might prove to be too much for even Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Johnny Manziel has shown no inclination of changing his lifestyle and behavior, even though he has constantly been surrounded by rumors about how his future in the NFL is on a very short timetable. Manziel might even be a higher risk than Joseph Randle, who is doing a fantastic job himself of ruining his chances at remaining in the National Football League.

Michael Irvin Michael Irvin [Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images]There’s been many instances in the NFL where talent supersedes character. However, the odds of remaining in the NFL are low for Johnny Manziel because he simply has yet to show general managers and coaches that he can produce on the football field. We have yet to see the same quarterback that was dominating NCAA teams while giving hope to the Texas A&M fan base, which means that teams are going to be looking elsewhere to add depth to the most important position in football.

While some may point to the instability of the Cleveland Browns organization, Johnny Manziel really has no one but himself to blame if he is shown the door by the NFL later on this month. He was given a fair chance, and he decided to spit in the face of those that wanted to see him thriving as a football player.

[Featured Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images]