Two More ‘Battleborn’ Playable Heroes Revealed: Meet Attikus And Galilea

With release date on May 3, Battleborn is just a couple of months away from release. The first-person shooter from Borderlands developers Gearbox Software is unique in both style and features. Unlike other multiplayer shooters that focus only on a competitive player-versus-player aspect, Battleborn vaunts a co-operative story mode that can be repeatedly played with up to five allies. Of course, the competitive multiplayer is nothing to scoff at with three distinctive modes. Both competitively and co-operatively, Battleborn players can choose between 25 heroes to master when the game releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

All of the heroes in Battleborn are not yet announced, but players were introduced to two more recently. Attikus and Galilea are numbers 19 and 20 of that large roster. On the PlayStation Blog, 2K Games introduces these two melee combatants. Attikus is a Thrall from the Jennerit faction wielding a metal arm that is grafted to his large frame. As part of the Jennerit slave-working force, Attikus changed drastically when he was given intelligence. Now, this brawler can drain shields with one hit from that metal arm or simply deliver a head-splitting haymaker. His abilities include a targeted jump forward, an electric attack that emits from his metal arm, and a large area ability that sends shockwaves in front of him. Check out his brief video introduction.

Attikus in combat in Battleborn [Image via Gearbox Software, the PlayStation Blog]

The other recently announced hero is Galilea, the sword-and-shield-wielding fighter known as “the wrath of bliss.” This former member of the Eldrid was tasked with infiltrating the Jennerit Silent Sisters. Galilea rose through the ranks of the order and eventually befriended Ambra, another playable hero in Battleborn. When attempting to damage the Jennerit Sustainment technology, Ambra caught and nearly killed Galilea. However, Ambra brought Galilea back from the brink of death, instead leaving her immortal. Now a Peacekeeper, Galilea is cursed with dark energy that siphons enemy health, according to the official Gearbox Software preview.

Galilea uses a greatsword and a greatshield in combat to harass foes. Her main attack swings the greatsword while the alternate attack blocks attacks with the greatshield. Her abilities include a shield throw, a curse upon the ground that makes enemies take more damage, and a defensive dark energy transformation that lets her heal. Be sure to view Galilea’s video introduction, too.

Galilea uses a greatsword and a greatshield in Battleborn [Image via Gearbox Software, the PlayStation Blog]

Attikus and Galilea join 18 another announced heroes in Battleborn, with another five yet to be announced. There is even another additional hero not revealed at this time that PlayStation 4 open beta testers will receive when the game launches on May 3. At launch, at least 25 playable Battleborn characters will be available among the game’s five factions.


Since Battleborn boasts not only a competitive side but a co-operative story mode as well, players have been treated to some interesting lore in the weeks leading up to the game’s release. As the Inquisitr reported, the Eldrid faction and Ekkunar planet are detailed nicely in a few lore background pieces. Ekkunar, for instance, is the last green planet in the system around the universe’s last known star. The Ekkuni dwarves inhabit the shattered, varying landscape likely descendants of the most ancient race in the game: the Aztanti. The playable Boldur character is an Ekkunar native fighting for the Eldrid with his handy axe and Ekkuni greatshield.

With such a large roster, nearly any type of player will find a Battleborn character that fits their FPS needs. There is a penguin named Toby that gets around in a mech suit while throwing down shielding for his friends. There is a vampire-like Jennerit with three energy blades named Rath. There is a mushroom man capable of healing allies and throwing a barrage of deadly kunai. There is a typical soldier in Oscar Mike, a Peacekeeper with a transforming assault rifle and winning personality. The list goes on, and there are five more heroes to be announced. Learn more about the announced Battleborn characters on the official site.

[Image via Gearbox Software]