‘The Sims 4’ Updates With Free Anniversary Items, Kleptomaniac Trait

On February 4, 2016, The Sims franchise is officially 16 years old. With four major PC releases, numerous expansions for each game, and several titles on other platforms, The Sims is one of the most popular franchises of all time. Since it is the 16th anniversary, the latest entry in iconic franchise is updating with free anniversary items. Not to mention, players can save up to 60 percent off the game right now in celebration.

The Sims 4 players can update the game today and start playing with the new items added for the anniversary. Several of the new additions are purposeful nods at the game’s history, including the Tragic Clown painting. Players of earlier The Sims titles will remember the always miserable Tragic Clown. This NPC would only come around when a Sim was truly depressed, only to make things worse. A new painting of the clown is available now in The Sims 4. Just looking at this painting will give a Sim the “Tragic Clown is Tragic” moodlet.

The Sims 4 Remembering the Tragic Clown from earlier Sims titles [Image via Electronic Arts]A happier wall decoration is also part of the free update to The Sims 4, too. Players can display the new Plumbob Poster within their homes to commemorate the anniversary, but this one will not fill a Sim with any particular emotion. According to the patch notes on EA.com, the trick items displayed during the Trick or Treat challenge are now available, too. This includes a new door and two new decorative items.

Alongside these new items, the update also debuts a few new gameplay bells and whistles. With a firm foundation of grilled cheese availability across most of The Sims titles, players will now find the new Grilled Cheese Aspiration on their Sims, according to The Sims 4 website. Moreover, players can now hire a gardener from their phone to aid in the maintenance of their plants. A Sim can hire a gardener for a little, temporary aid, or one can be hired for a set schedule.

The Sims 4 The Sims 4 players can now hire gardeners [Image via Electronic Arts]The gameplay additions to The Sims 4 continue with a new trait available at Sim creation. Players can now choose to make their Sims kleptomaniacs. These Sims will enjoy taking pretty much anything from anyone at any time. Sims with this trait can steal things from their neighborhood, their club hangouts, and other locations they visit. They can return the items later if the guilt sets in, but making a tidy profit is always an option, too.

Of course, an update to The Sims 4 would not be complete without a few fixes. Sims that are asked to spend the night will now sleep instead of standing around, for instance. Other fixes include keeping babies from texting people congratulatory messages or any message at all for that matter. Be sure to check out the full list of patch notes for every fix, change, and addition in the patch.

In addition to the items added to The Sims 4 to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the franchise, several titles are currently on sale on Origin. The base game is just $24, 60 percent off the normal $60 price, and the game’s first two expansions are just marked down 25 percent. Both “Get to Work” and “Get Together” are $30 each for the duration of the sale. The 16th Anniversary Sale will last until February 9.

The Sims 4 often patches with new items and features for free, and players can add even more options to the game with downloadable content like the aforementioned expansions. Two other types of DLC can be purchased, too. Game packs and stuff packs are released pretty regularly with a new stuff pack coming next week. As the Inquisitr reported, “Romantic Garden Stuff” is coming to The Sims 4 on February 9. This $9.99 stuff pack includes a couple of new gameplay objects like The Fountain of Gluteus Maximus and the Whispering Wishing Well. The latter of which can return ghost Sims back to their former, living selves.

[Image via Electronic Arts]