GOP Vice-Presidential Candidates: Romney Getting Closer, But Still No Announcement

The GOP vice-presidential candidate has not yet been announced, despite Mitt Romney‘s campaign working tirelessly to interview every single option.

The Boston Herald reports that the campaign is getting closer to picking their VP candidate, as Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhodes, sent out an email on Friday night to say that the governor has narrowed his choice, and to expect his pick to be announced “between now and the Republican convention.”

Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, believes that the process Romney is using to pick his running mate is allowing him to benefit from his association with each candidate, while still refusing to commit to one. Sabato stated:

“They’re getting a lot of work out of these potential veep candidates who might not be working as hard for Romney once his candidate is chosen. There could be some hard feelings over that, and there usually are.”

USA Today reports that many political experts are expecting Romney’s vice presidential candidate will be either Ohio Senator Rob Portman, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, or Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Even Condoleezza Rice, who was President George W. Bush’s secretary of state, was rumored to be in the running, but she struck down those rumors, saying she was happy with her current academia role.

According to The Boston Herald, republicans like Joe Nosef, state chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party are getting antsy for Romney to pick his running mate. Nosef stated:

“We certainly don’t want to put pressure on them but we would all like to know as soon as we can who we will be supporting for vice president. Everyone wants to know who they’ll be backing and who to put on the bumper stickers.”

Who do you think Mitt Romney will pick as his GOP vice presidential candidate?

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