Man Suing Powerball Winners Once Said He Lost His Virginity To Kim Kardashian; Jonathan Lee Riches History With The Kardashians

The man who sued the winning billion-dollar Powerball couple once claimed Kim Kardashian took his virginity.

Jonathan Lee Riches, a.k.a. “Jihadi Schitz,” a.k.a. “Gino Romano,” has made headline news for filing a handwritten lawsuit against the $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot winners, Lisa and John Robinson. This isn’t the first time Jonathan Lee Riches has filed a lawsuit against people in the news. The convicted criminal has a lengthy history of filing frivolous and nonsensical lawsuits and motions against celebrities, including a series of suits against Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian clan under the alias Gino Romano.

Riches is well known for his lawsuits that some estimates have put at more than 5,000, and his lawsuit against the Powerball winners and their daughter Tiffany Robinson isn’t expected to see one day in court. Check out the feature on Jonathan Lee Riches by BuzzFeed in the video player below.

Before Jonathan “Gino Romano” Riches sued Kim Kardashian, he filed a motion to be added to her lawsuit against GAP. Do you remember when Old Navy ran a commercial with a woman who looked incredibly like Kim Kardashian? Well, Kim Kardashian filed suit against Old Navy’s parent company, as the model would most likely hurt her brand. According to reports by Radar Online, Jonathan Lee Riches filed a motion to be added to the suit. He stated that he and Kim Kardashian had been in an intimate relationship, and elaborated that she took his virginity. In future lawsuits, he stated that Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Lee Riches made a sex tape, and the Kardashians had terrorized him in order to get their hands on the tape. The allegations made by Riches against the Kardashians were far more outrageous (and let’s face it, entertaining) than those made against the Powerball winners and their daughter, Tiffany.

Radar Online described the motion and Jonathan Lee Riches a.k.a. “Gino Romano’s” account of his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

“I have been in an intimate relationship with Kim Kardashian since 2001. I lost my virginity to Kim Kardashian on a Virgin Air Flight en route to the Armenian Hilton Hotel. I spent 125 months in federal prison for credit card fraud and identity theft and Kim Kardashian forced me to do fraud crimes to finance her lavish lifestyle and bankroll her career … I borrowed Ray J’s camcorder and me and Kim Kardashian made 2 sex tapes with her in Gap clothing. I have those 2 tapes and all the photographs secretly saved at a YMCA gym locker in Philadelphia to show as evidence.”

Riches went on to file multiple lawsuits against Kim Kardashian, many with ridiculously entertaining, fabricated details. Here is a snippet of one of his lawsuits against the Kardashians. Keep in mind that though the lawsuit was filed under Gino Romano, Gino Romano is actually Jonathan Lee Riches’ alias.

“On Sat. morning around 9 a.m. a Uhaul truck parked in front of my New York penthouse at Trumbull Studios, and out the back all the Kardashian kin, family and Reggie Bush started pitching tents in front of my suite and the Kardashians hired a local band to play music. And the E Network set cameras around me, then Kris Jenner kicked in my door and she got Kris Humphries to drag me out of my suite and Kim Kardashian got duct tape and wrapped me up to a stop sign and Khloe Kardashians [sic] began interogating [sic] me on where I am hiding the sex tapes of Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Lee Riches and demanding the sex tapes back, and each defendant grabbed a stick and started hitting me as if I was a pinyatta [sic] and the Farmers of Farmers Insurance began chanting their theme song to me in my ear while the Kardashians danced around me, laughing, poking at my pants, this was all to embarass [sic] me on national tv, Kim Kardashian is trying to stop and destory my exclusive contract with the Dollar Store in selling them for..99c [sic] each. The Jonathan Lee Riches Kim Kardashian sex tape titled “Kim Does Jonathan” which on June 10, 2012, thousands of frenzy fans lined up for black at Dollar General in Nashville wanting their first dibs at this video. Kim Kardashian is doing everything in her power to discredit Jonathan Lee Riches.”

You can read the full document in Gino Romano vs Kim Kardashian, et al defendants, at Scribd. Riches filed lawsuits in multiple states as he was concerned of being banned from filing.

You can read other lawsuits filed by Jonathan Lee Riches against Kim Kardashian, as well. Read Jonathan Lee Riches alleges Kim Kardashian, Kanye West conspired with Al-Qaeda terrorists, Kim Kardashian lawsuit, Kim Kardashian lawsuit in Maine, Kim Kardashian lawsuit in Tennessee, and Kim Kardashian lawsuit in Ft. Myers.

Jonathan Lee Riches gave an interview, where he shared his views on the conspiracies he thinks are against him from the Illuminati. He also talked about how two days after the Sandy Hook massacre, he pretended to be Adam Lanza’s uncle. He was subsequently arrested.

[Photo by U.S. District Court]