Jimmy Fallon On Donald Trump: Sketch Pokes Fun At ‘Huge’ Iowa Loss [Video]

Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump impression is one most of us have seen and probably laughed at on many occasions. Even Trump himself took part in the joke at one point, having played along in a sketch where he “interviewed himself.”

Trump’s lead in the polls has been baffling for many. After his comments about Mexicans being criminals, about Fox News‘ Megyn Kelly being upset (allegedly over feminine issues), and about Black Lives Matter activists, it’s surprising that so many still follow him. He even used the Paris attacks as an excuse to say he would ban Muslims from entering the United States.

The Tonight Show host has stuck with Trump after all of this, regularly painting him as a hero in his comedy sketches. However, after the Iowa caucus, it seems the Republican Presidential hopeful is slipping from his place at the top, even with Fallon.

This may have been a result of Trump’s attacks on Ben Carson at an Iowa gathering, where he flipped his belt buckle and acted in what was considered less than a dignified manner. It was there that he asked how Iowa voters could be “stupid” enough to follow Carson during a 95-minute tirade.

Jimmy Fallon took on Donald Trump after the Presidential hopeful’s second major appearance in Iowa, poking fun at how Trump might adjust his ego to still think he’s ahead. At first in the sketch, Fallon announced his name as Donald J. Trump, in which “the J stands for genius.”

“I’m here tonight because the people of Iowa have wisely named me the winner and champion of second place. It’s just like children say: First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairy chest. Marco Rubio, get that taken care of. You wouldn’t want your hair to make you look ridiculous.”

That last part may have been Jimmy Fallon’s attack on Donald Trump’s hair, a source of humor since his intention was announced as Presidential nominee. Pictures of Trump’s hair blowing wild in the wind have accompanied memes across the internet, one of which stated that if Trump becomes President, there will be “hell toupee.” As Salon says, Fallon also concluded that statement by touching his wig, indicating that he was clearly poking fun at Trump.

Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump impression continued as he explained how being in second place was actually better.

“Two is bigger than one. One plus one is two — so basically, I won twice. If you don’t believe me, look at these example of why two is better than one. First up, Toy Story 2; clearly the superior movie. Next up, R2D2. I never even heard of an R1D1. Next up, the twins on The Bachelor. They’re fantastic. First of all, four boobs. Plus, they’re way better than that psycho Olivia. Is she nuts or what? Finally, the Minion that has two eyes. Way cuter than the Minion who has one eye, who, let’s be honest, looks like a penis who can see me.”

Jimmy Fallon expanded on the Donald Trump joke even further by saying he hopes the people see him as a “huge number two.” This simultaneously poked fun at his tendency to call things “huge,” and basically called the Presidential hopeful a big turd.

Considering Trump’s past reactions, it’s unknown if he’ll return the slam later and discount Fallon as a “lightweight” the way he did with Megyn Kelly. Once on friendly terms with Ben Carson, Trump’s tirade in Iowa had shown that he’s more than willing to turn on his allies.

Do you think Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump sketch on The Tonight Show might get some unwanted negative attention from the Republican hopeful?

[Image via YouTube screen grab/The Tonight Show]