Sage Stallone Death Investigation Update – Dead At Least 3 Days, Living Like A Hermit

Sage Stallone was dead in his bedroom for at least three days or possibly as long as week, according TMZ police department sources quoted in an update about the death of Sylvester Stallone’s son. Sage was reportedly living “like Howard Hughes” and was known to spend days alone in his room, TMZ Notes. Sage Stallone’s bedroom was found littered with “junk,” beer cans, food, cigarette butts and soda bottles.

Two drawers in Stallone’s bedroom dresser were allegedly filled with pill bottles. A law enforcement officer investigating the death of the aspiring actor called Sage Stallone’s bedroom “disgusting,” according to the source which shared information with TMZ.

The TMZ Sage Stallone death update also reports that Sage was living like a “hermit” and had no spoken with anyone in at least a week. A housekeeper reportedly went to his home to clean earlier this week but did not seen the 36-year-old man. The TMZ law enforcement source also stated that Stallone’s housekeeper had been given “ongoing instructions” to never enter his bedroom. If the housekeeper’s remarks to police investigators are accurate, she was told by Sage to “never even knock on his door.”

Sage’s mother and Sylvester’s ex-wife reportedly called her son’s housekeeper yesterday when she was unable to reach her son. Upon returning to the home the housekeeper discovered Sage Stallone’s body in his bedroom.

Considering the information currently available to law enforcement officers investigating what happened Sylvester Stallone’s son, the death is being ruled accidental. There was no evidence of foul play or a suicide note at the scene, according to ABC News.