Serial Robbers Arrested: Brandon Forbes, Raiza Rosado Accused Of Alleged Kidnapping And Rape Of Woman

Two serial robbers have been arrested on charges of kidnapping, battery, and rape. Brandon Forbes, 34, and Raiza Rosado, 23, allegedly held a 33-year-old woman hostage in their Fort Lauderdale home, where these acts had taken place.

Authorities say that the couple met the woman on a Miami beach on January 16 and invited her to their home. Why she accepted the invitation is unknown. There is no specification stating that she was homeless or simply wanted a quick stay in someone else’s home. Police say she spent the night, and then the next day, Brandon and Raiza revealed that they “commonly meet people and commit robberies.” People Magazine states that the woman tried to leave that day, but Forbes aggressively told her to stay.

Police said that the serial robbers they arrested had the woman in the grip of fear, not knowing what the couple would do then.

“[Forbes’] actions, combined with the knowledge that they commonly commit robberies, placed the victim in fear to leave the residence.”

It is unknown if Forbes or Rosado had stayed with the woman over the five days she was held captive in their home. During this time, it was reported that Forbes repeatedly attempted to rape the woman. The woman told authorities that Brandon had put a condom on while Raiza was asleep and tried to have sex with her, but she fought him off.

The next day, as Yahoo News reports, Forbes told Rosado he’d had sex with their captive, kickstarting an argument. They then allegedly beat the woman and bound her with a cloth belt before taking her upstairs to another bedroom, placing a sock in her mouth and a black sheet over her head.

Another night during the serial robbers’ alleged kidnapping, Brandon had allegedly forced the woman to perform oral sex on him before he raped her. The woman told police that she believed he had a gun and at one point had asked her, “Want me to get the silencer?”

It is unknown why Raiza Rosado had allegedly allowed this to happen, but on January 22, she had taken the imprisoned woman to the train station and let her leave. At this point, the woman called the police. Investigators on the case agreed that the woman’s injuries were consistent with her story about the serial robbers arrested.

In a double-blind photo array, the woman identified both Forbes and Rosado. Police used the information she gave them to find Brandon Forbes on January 23. He will face charges of battery, sexual battery, and false imprisonment. More than a week later, they arrested Raiza Rosado, and she faces two charges of kidnapping. It is unknown if there is a second person she had taken in that week’s time, but the two are now behind bars at the Broward County Jail.

A previous report by the Inquisitr reveals that the Florida couple aren’t the only ones in trouble for kidnapping and robbery. A couple from Missouri have been wanted in Alabama for the same charges, and have now allegedly have done the same in Georgia. Blake Fitzgerald and Brittany Harper have been connected to a robbery at the Murphy Express gas station in Perry. According to surveillance footage, the couple were spotted driving a silver 2010 Ford Edge, which they allegedly stole from a couple in Alabama.

The Missouri couple are still at large, with a substantial reward being offered by U.S. Marshalls for information leading to their arrest.

Adversely, the Florida-based serial robbers have been arrested. Forbes is being held on a $35,000 bail, and Rosado is being held on $15,000, according to a spokesperson on the case.

[Image via Broward County Sheriff]