DC Madam’s Black Book Could Soon Be Released, Lawyer Says Client List Will Impact Presidential Election

The “DC Madam’s” black book could soon be released to the public. The attorney of record for the now deceased madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, claims the book could have an impact on the 2016 presidential race. During her 2008 trial on prostitution and federal racketeering trial, Montgomery Blair Sibley represented the infamous madam.

When Deborah Palfrey was arrested, the DC madam counted as her clients some of the movers and shakers in the city, including Senator David Vitter. Palfrey hung herself before she was sentenced on the charges she was convicted of — leaving her black book, naming 815 clients, behind. Sibley just filed a motion to force the judge, who sealed the information noted in the book, to reverse his order and release the book to the public, Fox News 5 reports.

Montgomery Sibley filed a judicial conduct complaint to force the judge to lift the gag order on the DC madam’s black book so the names of clients could be released, the Daily Mail reports. In 2012, Sibley ran as a write-in candidate for president and stated emphatically that he did not believe Barack Obama was an American citizen.

During an interview with Fox News 5, Sibley said the black book “may contain information relevant to the upcoming presidential election.” The attorney was barred by law from commenting further on exactly how the book could cause a major embarrassment to a candidate, a spouse of a candidate, or a high-level campaign staffer.

Because Deborah Palfrey operated her prostitution ring exclusively in Washington, D.C., it stands to reason that any potential client would have had to have been either working or visiting the city on business when her escort service was in operation.

Palfrey killed herself in 2008 after she reportedly handed over a list of 15,000 client phone numbers to a television network. She had reportedly contemplated selling her client list in order to fund her defense. The DC madam had vowed to identify as many of her high-profile clients as possible and to have subpoenas sent to them to force them to testify as witnesses at her trial.

She consistently claimed that her business, Pamela Martin and Associates, was nothing more than a nude dancing and massage business which catered to upscale clients. The DC madam sparked perhaps the largest sex scandal in the city. For more than a decade, Palfrey caused customers to quake in their shoes and sparked multiple men to step down from their respected positions.

Randall Tobias, 65, was a deputy to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice before being linked to the DC madam and her black book of clients. Pentagon adviser Harlan Ullman was also caught up in the prostitution scandal. Married Senator and father of four, David Vitter, confessed to being a client of Palfrey’s and apologized on camera for the transgression.

Here’s an excerpt from an ad taped last fall by Senator Vitter which addressed the DC madam scandal.

“Fifteen years ago, I failed my family but found forgiveness and love. I learned that our falls aren’t what define us but rather how we get up, accept responsibility and earn redemption.”

Do you think the DC madam’s black book should be released? What do you think it could contain that could turn the 2016 presidential election on its heels?

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