WWE News: Both WWE And TNA Officials Met With Lucha Underground About Possible Relationship

Lucha Underground is possibly one of the hottest things in all of pro-wrestling. They, along with WWE NXT, seemed to get the most attention online in 2015, and rightfully so. The promotion managed to give us a show, not an event, that captured our attention the entire time. You could not miss a show or miss a match, because they all played a huge part in the overall story of the show.

The entire idea for Lucha Underground made sense. Some old school people like Jim Cornette do not seem to be pleased with the show, but most people who have seen it tend to think it is a revolutionary show that needs more attention. While it is on the El Rey Network, a channel that is pretty high on cable packages, the hope is that with more attention, the network can be pushed down a bit, which will only give Lucha Underground more eyeball reach.

They are by no means a competitor to any major wrestling promotion right now. They are great, but without more reach they are not going to take fans away or hurt any business. Even TNA Wrestling does not see them as much of a competitor at this point. That said, it should be no surprise that both WWE and TNA met with Lucha Underground officials recently.

Lucha El Rey [Image via El Rey Network]According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE Executive Triple H and Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Cemen met with the officials this past December. Talks were mostly over using some of Lucha’s talent, but sadly, talks went nowhere. WWE was very interested in some of Lucha’s talent and wanted to sign them, but they all ended up staying with Lucha Underground before WWE could get into hard talks with anyone. This, of course, meant that a meeting to potentially use them made complete sense.

This was a good plan, but obviously, with talks going nowhere, we won’t be seeing people like Prince Puma make a random WWE NXT appearance any time soon. Keep in mind that Triple H and WWE officials probably thought they might have an easier time getting something going with them, as Chris DeJoseph runs Lucha Underground’s creative department. Dejoseph was known as Big Dick Johnson in WWE, and also held a creative team spot before departing the company a while back.

While Mark Burnett and Robert Rodriguez are the minds behind the cinematic part of the show, Chris heads up the content we see. Sadly, nothing could be worked out.

Lucha Underground El Rey [Image via El Rey Network]You would think if WWE could not work anything out, TNA Wrestling would not try anything, but this is TNA, so, you know, maybe.

They also met with Lucha Underground officials about a possible relationship of sorts. They floated an idea out about working together in Dallas, Texas, during WrestleMania week. The company turned down TNA’s offer, and it seems Lucha Underground won’t be working a show in this area during WrestleMania week at all. Lucha Underground reportedly felt it would be a bad mix for them to be associated with. This is probably a good bet on their end.

TNA may still go ahead with the idea, but will most likely have to do it early in the week as WWE plans to do a lot of things to entice fans to come to events all week.

It is thought that Lucha Underground won’t try to compete with anyone right now, so a potential team up with a WWE or TNA down the road might not be out of the realm of possibility for them. For now however, they seem to be pretty content with doing their own thing. They are set to finish up Season 2 filming, and then immediately start on filming Season 3 episodes. It is uncertain how many episodes Season 3 has on deck, but Season 2 is set to take them close to the summer. Season 3 very well could start in the fall of this year.

[Image via WWE]