Billy Gunn Discusses WWE Release & DX Vs NWO At ‘WrestleMania’

Billy Gunn was released by the WWE in November, 2015, due to a failed drug test administered by the powerlifting circuit. Gunn had recently entered the powerlifting arena in his 50s, and was flagged for performance-enhancing drugs due to an elevated level of testosterone. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Billy took full responsibility for his actions, which included not notifying the WWE that he was participating in powerlifting competitions.

“The first thing I want to make clear is the powerlifting meet that I went to. I wasn’t on it to win that powerlifting contest because it was me against me anyway. I popped on their test, because I was over their test limit. Let’s face it: I’m 52 years old. I have my [prescription] from the doctor, but it was the way it all came out is what they had to do. I don’t blame them at all, and I’m going to take every single bit of it because it wasn’t fair to NXT for what Hunter had done for the company.”

Billy Gunn had been employed as a trainer for WWE’s Performance Center in Florida, teaching the next generation of WWE superstars. He also appeared as a coach on the most recent season of Tough Enough. Gunn realized that he didn’t set a good enough example for those he was helping, many of whom looked up to him.

“They (WWE) did it, and I’m perfectly fine with it, and hopefully one day they’ll hire me back because I feel I was a pretty good coach. It’s just the way it all came out. It wasn’t anything that WWE did; they [had] to do what they did, and I feel like I let the NXT kids down. I never, ever wanted to do that. Ever. So I’ll take that.”

Billy Gunn as a Coach in Tough Enough [Image via YouTube]Billy Gunn was part of one of the most iconic factions in wrestling history as a member of D-Generation X. The most recent revival of the group came nearly a year ago, at WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, California. Triple H was facing Sting in a symbolic match pitting WWE vs WCW for one final time. Both D-X and the nWo would get involved, along with Shawn Michaels, where eventually Triple H came out on top. The finish invoked a lot of debate as to whether Sting should have jobbed for his first ever WWE match. Gunn shared his thoughts, as well.

“I don’t know if I have an opinion either way. It could have went either way. I’m just up in the air about that. They all know a lot more than I do, so I just leave it up to them.”

Gunn continued, saying that regardless how convoluted it may have been, it’ll be remembered for a long time by a lot of people.

“You’re really looking for moments. It is a Sting moment, because it’s the first WrestleMania he’s ever been in and he’s wrestling Hunter. But then again, from a company standpoint, how do we get the most out of this because our fanbase is not really a Sting fanbase? Sting being there is a big moment, but when you have DX and nWo behind that, it makes a little bigger in the majority of the people’s eyes.”

Gunn at the Royal Rumble in 2015. [Image via WWE] Gunn at the Royal Rumble in 2015. [Image via WWE]Billy Gunn’s next career move is up in the air. He spent a short stint in TNA, but likely won’t return, calling it “a mess” and chaotic. His failed drug test resulted in a four-year suspension from sanctioned powerlifting. However, WWE has been known to forgive and forget many times in the past, so it may just be a matter of time before all is forgiven with Gunn and he re-joins the company. He just needs to look at his long-time tag team partner for proof of that.

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