Jonathan Lee Riches AKA ‘Jihadi Schitz’, Man Who Sued Powerball Winners, Known For Frivolous Lawsuits

Jonathan Lee Riches, aka. Jihadi Schitz, sued the Powerball jackpot winners Lisa and John Robinson on January 25, 2016. The handwritten lawsuit alleges that Riches, “Jihadi Schitz,” was in contact with the Robinsons’ daughter, Tiffany, as well as the Robinsons, through his official Facebook page. He also states that he lent the money to Tiffany Robinson for the winning Powerball ticket her parents used. If Jonathan Lee Riches comes off as a bit of a celebrity when reading his handwritten lawsuit, that’s because he is — well, sort of.

Riches has gained the notoriety of being a jailhouse inmate who has filed the most frivolous lawsuits, probably in U.S. history. He has sued just about everyone and anyone and, in fact, has sued so many people, the crime website the Smoking Gun has their own “Jonathan Lee Riches” tag to document his latest criminal escapades as well as lawsuits.

Does Riches’ history mean good news for the Powerball winners who so readily came forward to share their excitement and joy, even before their winning ticket was verified in Tennessee? Most likely, yes. Not only does Jonathan Lee Riches have a history of frivolous lawsuits, but he has an equally long history of having his lawsuits thrown out of court.

Some of the comments made by Riches in his lawsuit, however, go beyond frivolous as they actually claim that he was in personal contact with the Robinsons’ daughter, Tiffany, and that he wanted her to be his Muslim bride, to leave America with her and live in a land flowing with milk and honey. The lawsuit has caused many alarm and sparked conversations regarding the safety and security of lottery winners, such as those who win Mega Millions and large Powerball jackpots like Lisa and John Robinson.

Jonathan Lee Riches, a.k.a. Jihadi Schitz, wrote the following in his lawsuit against Powerball, the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), Tennessee Education Association,, Lisa Robinson, John Robinson, and Tiffany Robinson.

“I am the actual true winner of the Powerball jackpot. For the last 2 1/2 years while I was incarcerated, I was pen pals with Tiffany Robertson. She was a fan of mine and a Facebook follower and she wrote me dirty letters which I have as evidence and she said she wanted to marry me when I get out of prison. Tiffany told me that no one on this Earth treats her better than me and then I sent her $20 from my prison trust fund account and told her to use the money for Powerball tickets, because if we win, we will leave America and live on a remote island full of milk and honey. And I told Tiffany to give my money to her parents Lisa and John Robinson to buy Powerball tickets because they couldn’t afford to buy. And they promised me if they won any Powerball, I am entitled to half the winnings.”

Riches also continued to describe his “relationship” with Tiffany Robinson. It isn’t uncommon for Jonathan Lee Riches to state outlandish claims about his relationships with other people. In a previous lawsuit, he claimed to have lost his virginity to Kim Kardashian, according to a report by the Smoking Gun.

Jonathan Lee Riches continued in his allegations he had a personal relationship with Tiffany Robinson.

“Now I find out that this Robinson family won the Powerball. Tiffany changed her number. The whole Robinson family defriended me on Facebook. I am not in prison no more. I am a practicing Muslim and Tiffany was going to be my Muslim wife. And now I’m homeless. I had to borrow pen and paper to write this restraining order. Now the whole Robinson family are going to run around this earth spending Powerball money that belongs to me. I am so heartbroken by this injustice.

“I feel Tiffany conned and bamboozled me and manipulated my love for $20 and sold me out. Now she is laughing at me while I collect crumbs.”

Jonathan Lee Riches hasn’t just filed many lawsuits, like the one against the Powerball jackpot winners, but has used social media networks to discuss his various suits. In the video below, you can see Jonathan Lee Riches as he discusses his lawsuit against Michael Vick and what Vick allegedly “did to him.” Some have asked if Jonathan Lee Riches is actually insane or just furious that the Federal Government incarcerated him (he did spend time in a federal prison that focuses on mental health) and uses these types of lawsuits to “get back” at the government. Riches makes no qualms about blaming the U.S. government for “ruining his life” by incarcerating him for wire fraud. You can find Jonathan Lee Riches, a.k.a. “Jihadi Schitz,” in the Federal Inmate Locator by looking up his name.

A common theme in Riches’ lawsuits is his statements that the defendant did something to cause him psychological or emotional distress. This was included in his suit against the Powerball winners.

“I had to go to a psychologist to get depression medication because of Tiffany Robinson. She’s responsible. I seek a restraining order against the Robinson family collecting any Powerball money. The money belongs to me. I payed [sic] for the winning ticket. I seek a full congressional investigation. I seek 1/2 of the Robinson’s earnings. I pray for relief.”

As his allegations against the Robinson’s allege personal contact with Tiffany Robinson, it’s likely that this case will be thrown out, as well as his countless other suits.

[Photo by U.S. District Court]