Powerball Winning Numbers And Winners For Feb. 3, Watch Live Video As Jackpot Rolls To $136 Million

The Powerball winning numbers and winners for February 3 are in, and there were no grand-prize winners. You can watch live video of the drawing in the video player below.

The drawing was held live from the Florida Studios in Tallahassee at 11 p.m. ET. The estimated jackpot for the draw began at $112 million with an estimated cash value of $72.3 million. Powerball has undergone a surge of activity since January 13’s record-breaking jackpot of $1.58 billion. By the time last night’s Powerball drawing for the winning numbers took place, the jackpot had climbed to $116,600,000. That didn’t matter, though. Without a grand-prize winner who could match all five white balls and the red Powerball, the jackpot rolled to $136 million. The next Powerball live drawing takes place on Saturday, February 6 at 11 p.m. ET. The jackpot will be an estimated $136 million with an estimated cash value of $87.8 million.

The Powerball winning numbers for February 3 are 26, 28, 31, 60, 67, and the Powerball is 23. The Power Play is 3x. The Power Play enables those with lower winning amounts to multiply the amount they have won. The Power Play is not applicable for jackpot wins. The amount is lowered once the jackpot clears a certain amount.

Here is the video of the February 3 Powerball live drawing.

Following the jackpot prize is the second-tier, Powerball prize. This consists of someone matching all five white balls, but missing the Powerball number. Because the jackpot reached $116,000, the 3x Power Play is lowered. There was one Match 5 winner in Florida who won $2 million.

Florida has enjoyed a surge in Powerball ticket sales and has seen a number of winners in recent months. The January 13 $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot resulted in three winners: Lisa and John Robinson from Munford, Tennessee, and winners in California and Florida. The Florida and California winners have yet to come forward to claim their prize. A teenager under 20-years-old played Powerball for the first time in Florida during the epic jackpot draw and won $2 million. Florida saw record-breaking Powerball ticket sales throughout the month of January, and many in the state have played faithfully since the jackpot rolled over to more than $1 billion.

There was a Match 5 winner in Texas who did not use the Power Play option and won $1 million. Texas has also seen a surge in Powerball and Mega Millions players and has boasted a number of winners in the past months. Another Texas resident just won $1 million several weeks ago.

As the Powerball jackpot has continued to roll since the January 13 billion dollar jackpot, many are interested in playing and taking their chances of winning big. Changes took place in how Powerball is played beginning in October 2015. The changes promised more non-jackpot prizes won, due to lower odds, but made it more difficult to win the Powerball jackpot. As the Powerball jackpot is now harder to win, it will continue to roll over to large amounts. More billion dollar Powerball jackpots are predicted, and seeing jackpots roll to hundreds of million dollars is extremely likely. It’s interesting to note that many people who have won the jackpot and non-jackpot prizes have been using Quick Pick or Easy Pick tickets as opposed to selecting and choosing their own numbers.

Do you play Powerball? Did you play last night? There were 681,689 winners in total, and $8,190,750 was won in non-jackpot prizes. Are you going to play Powerball for Saturday’s jackpot of $136 million? Good luck!

[Photo by Phil Spears/AP]