How Does Kathryn Edwards Feel About Faye Resnick Months After ‘RHOBH’ Taping?

Kathryn Edwards opened her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog this week with some devastating news — she had lost her nephew to a drug overdose. But just because Kathryn is going through some personal issues with her family members doesn’t mean that she will put the Faye Resnick drama on the shelf. As it turns out, Edwards believes she tried to stay civil and calm at Kyle Richards’ party when she confronted her about the Faye issue. According to a new Bravo report, Kathryn Edwards is now revealing how she truly feels about Resnick months after she filmed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“My conversation with Kyle regarding Faye was completely organic and honest. I’m sorry if Kyle didn’t or doesn’t understand my feelings, but I’m not going to smile and act like I don’t feel that way. I defend and protect those I love, too. I get it, but if Kyle and I are going to have a friendship, I’d rather she knows me for who I am and what I believe in,” Kathryn Edwards reveals in her blog, adding, “Trust me when I say, I’ll always ‘have the balls’ to speak the truth. Everything I said that night was true to who I am. I don’t agree with what Faye did in writing that book… honestly, I think Faye probably regrets it. She sullied Nicole’s memory.”

Resnick herself has never mentioned the book on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it was clear that she didn’t want to talk about the book during Kyle’s BBQ party. It wasn’t so much about Edwards, but Faye didn’t want to talk at all about the past. Of course, she claims that she was Nicole Simpson’s best friend and after her murder, she wrote a book about her. It was in this book that she mentioned Kathryn Edwards — without ever having met her.

When Kathryn first came on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she wanted to confront Faye about the book. According to Bustle, Faye recently changed her tune about Edwards, saying, “At times we were worried that O.J. might take revenge on Marcus by telling his fiancée Kathryn about the affair with Nicole. That would have been a disaster, because Kathryn was a sweet woman who was well aware of Marcus’ womanizing and might have felt she had to call off the wedding.”

Apparently, that’s not at all what she wrote about Edwards in her book. She hinted that Edwards was in denial about her husband’s affair, and she hinted that Edwards wasn’t a smart woman. But Kathryn believes that her co-star has changed over the years.

“I do believe Faye is in a completely different place now. I’m happy to say that, but people whom you’ve affected have a right to voice their grievances regardless of the time that passed. I’m over it… I feel no ill will towards Faye anymore… I wish her happiness, honestly I do,” Kathryn Edwards reveals in her blog.

It is interesting that Resnick has changed her mind so much and hasn’t said anything to Edwards about it. If she truly felt bad about the book and how she described Kathryn, why wouldn’t she apologize at Kyle Richards’ BBQ? Why wouldn’t she take Edwards aside and apologize to her, setting the record straight? Ignoring her at Kyle’s party and then issuing the statement that Bustle shared just seems like she’s trying to clean her image in the press.

What do you think of how Kathryn Edwards handled herself? Do you think it is admirable that she’s moving on from the drama, given her name was dragged through the mud years ago?

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