Kyle Richards On Kim Richards After Monty’s Death: Could She Be Worried About Her Sister?

Kyle Richards is often very concerned about her sister, because she’s been through quite a bit over the years. Kim Richards has battled with alcoholism and prescription drug abuse, and she’s recently known that she would lose her best friend to cancer. Last month, after spending the last holiday season together, Richards had to say goodbye to her ex-husband, who lost his long battle with cancer. According to a new Bravo report, Kyle Richards is now opening up about how her sister is doing after losing her ex-husband, Monty Brinson.

“It’s so sad. He’s been sick for so long and my sister Kim has been taking care of him,” Kyle revealed to Us Weekly, as reported by Bravo, adding, “He’s her best friend, so it was really sad, very sad.”

Even though they are going through this drama at the moment, Kyle is convinced that her sister Kim will come through this because she’s strong. For so long, Kim was doing great and was happy, and now she has to start over.

“It’s a cloud because she’s been so happy and feeling so good and then she loses her best friend,” Kyle Richards pointed out, adding, “But she’s strong and she’ll get through this just fine.”

Given Kim’s history in dealing with pain, feelings, and drama, one can imagine that Kyle is worried about her sister. Of course, Kim has a great support system these days, but she’s kept her struggling and her pain secret before. Richards didn’t say much before getting arrested back in April at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and no one really knows why she decided to try and shoplift at a Target last summer. But Kim was strong enough to give a public goodbye on Instagram.

“Yesterday I said goodbye to [the] best the friend I’ve ever had in my life. Monty was an amazing person with an amazing soul… We shared over 30 years of Love & Happiness and brought a beautiful daughter into [the] world. I am so grateful for all that we shared,” Kim revealed on social media after losing Monty last month.

Even though Kim has been very silent about what has been going on behind closed doors, it sounds like some drama went down behind closed doors before his death. Monty was supposedly not happy with his daughter Brooke, who decided to leave on a trip during the holidays. He died shortly after. Kyle Richards didn’t mention this in her interview, so if it did happen, one can imagine that Kyle is protecting her sister. But it sounds like Kyle is on good terms with her sister, as she attended the funeral.

“The funeral for Monty is going to be held this weekend, with only immediate friends and family in attendance. Kim has been extremely upset and just can’t believe that her best friend is gone. Kathy and Rick have been taking care of all the arrangements,” a source recently told Radar Online, adding, “Kyle is planning on going to the funeral, and it will be the first time in months that all three sisters have been together. The drama between Kyle and Kathy will be set aside for the day, as they focus on celebrating Monty’s life. Supporting Kim during this difficult time is bringing the family together.”

Kyle was there for Kim when she divorced her ex-husband way back in 1988. They first got married in 1985, but they maintained a strong friendship after they got divorced. As Richards said, she had truly lost her best friend.

What do you think of Kyle Richards’ comments? Do you think Kim will get through this?

[Image via Instagram]