Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Romance Ruined By Gavin Rossdale: Delays Divorce For Shocking Reason After Nanny Affair

Every year, celebrity divorces send shock waves through the entertainment world and its fans. Among those in 2015 were Blake Shelton splitting from Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani splitting from Gavin Rossdale. Since then, Blake and Gwen have transformed a platonic friendship on The Voice into a very steamy romance. But there’s just one problem when it comes to wedding bells for the couple, and that problem is Gavin. Rossdale is dragging out the finalization of the divorce, potentially wrecking the progression of the romance between his ex and the country crooner, according to Hollywood Life.

Gavin is flaunting his wedding ring despite the split, and Rossdale is doing more than holding onto the bling from his splintered marriage. Gavin also is causing a delay in the divorce, making it impossible for Shelton and Stefani to tie the knot. Will they battle Rossdale so that they can wed?

According to a source cited by Hollywood Life, the Voice lovebirds are truly in love. But the delay in the divorce is making it challenging to put the past behind them.

“[They are] desperately in love…and [they want] to start a new life with him, but she can’t until the divorce is final,” clarified the source. “This has turned into an all-out war with Gwen’s ex.”

Gavin Rossdale is dragging out his divorce from Gwen Stefani.
Gavin Rossdale is dragging out his divorce from Gwen Stefani. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

As for why Gavin continues to sport his wedding ring, Stefani feels that it’s a deliberate move to annoy her. And her country crooner boyfriend wants to defend her, added the source cited by Hollywood Life.

“He’s very protective. He hates that Gavin gets under her skin. Some guys would run the other way in this kind of situation. But seeing how it was getting to her, he recently made a surprising decision — to marry Gwen come hell or high water.”

As for the answer? Yes, according to that source. But Rossdale first will need to give in and complete the divorce proceedings. What will it take to have Gavin make that final step?

The secret’s in the bank. Rossdale has a shocking reason for deliberately delaying that divorce, and it has to do with a desire for more wealth, according to the insider. Gavin was married for 13 years, and they have three children, and Rossdale is hoping for spousal support due to their history together. That means that the battle has just begun.

“The war is going to get uglier,” predicted the insider. “She wants a life with Blake. This relationship with him is a huge turning point in Gwen’s life. But Gavin is standing in her way. Gwen’s friends are very, very worried about her mental and emotional well-being right now.”

Gavin Rossdale ruining romance for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton? [
Gavin Rossdale ruining romance for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton? [Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for L.A.M.B.]

For Rossdale, it’s not about wanting Stefani back in his life, because Gavin has returned to his romance with the family nanny Mindy Mann, who originally broke up the marriage, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Although his ex supposedly does not want Mindy around their children, Gavin does not care what she desires. Their sons are fond of their nanny, so Rossdale desired to rehire her as the nanny. Stefani reportedly is angry about that decision and is battling Gavin.

Despite some rumors that Rossdale wasn’t the only one cheating in their marriage, a source told Us Weekly that it specifically was Gavin and the nanny’s affair that caused the split.

Rossdale had a relationship with family nanny Mindy for three of the 13 years he was married. Gavin and Mindy successfully hid their affair until an iPad gave away their secret. Explicit texts between Rossdale and Mindy featured nude pictures of the nanny as well as their intentions to hook up for sex. All those texts were on the family iPad.

“The iPad was linked to Gavin’s phone,” a family insider told Us. “One of the other nannies discovered the exchange.”

When the No Doubt frontwoman learned from that nanny about the existence of that shocking evidence, Mindy was fired. Rossdale initially attempted to claim that the texts were just flirty fun. However, once Gavin admitted that he was having an affair with the nanny, the marriage was over.

“[Rossdale’s confession] completely devastated her,” said the insider of Gwen’s reaction. “She was mortified, livid, and embarrassed.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]