Josh Duggar ‘Like A Roller Coaster That Went Off Track,’ Says Cousin Amy Amid Rumors Josh Will Return To TLC [Video]

Josh Duggar is “like a roller coaster that went off track,” his cousin Amy (Duggar) King has revealed. While the reality star and his cousin were very close growing up, the pair have drifted apart when it was uncovered that Josh Duggar isn’t who is family thought he was.

Speaking with People, Amy recalled that she and Josh “lived within walking distance” as they grew up, and would play together. “Josh would walk over in the snow or the rain, whatever to come and play” at her grandparent’s house.

According to Amy, Josh Duggar “was a sweetheart little boy,” and since he and Amy had birthdays just days apart, they would “share birthdays together.” During happier times, the Duggar family “really tried…to make it a big happy family.”


Reminiscing about the past during the exclusive interview, Amy also revealed that despite the Josh Duggar scandals, the family tries “our hardest to do that now, it’s just circumstances sure have changed lately.”

Describing Josh as “a roller coaster that went off track,” Amy characterizes the scandals surrounding her cousin as “heartbreaking,” and she genuinely hopes “he’s getting help.”

On her blog, Amy (Duggar) King revealed that she learned Josh cheated on his wife Anna during one of the happiest times of her life – when she was trying on wedding dresses before getting married. Describing the moment that she learned Josh Duggar cheated on Anna, Amy revealed that as “reality sat in that the person I had known my entire life turned out to be a fraud, and a complete stranger,” she started to cry with “a glass of wine in my hand as the news broke.”

Amy confessed that she “always heard that there were people in this world that lived a double life,” but she never thought Josh Duggar would be one of them and “that someone so close to home would be living a lie.”


Learning that Josh Duggar had cheated on Anna and betrayed his vows “felt like a funeral around my family.” Amy added that the cheating was “a whole new level of betrayal.”

Although the entire family feels betrayed that Josh Duggar secretly led a double life, the family has stood behind him during his $500,000 lawsuit feud with adult film actress Danica Dillon. Although the stripper wants to drop her lawsuit against Duggar, the reality star won’t let her unless she agrees to never file suit again and pays his legal bills.

So far, Danica has not agreed to Duggar’s demands, and the pair are set to meet in March for a settlement discussion. If a settlement cannot be reached, Josh Duggar and Danica Dillon will go to court to let a judge decide. Although Josh Duggar claims he provided pages of alibis to the other side, Danica has warned Josh that digging in his heels and refusing to allow her to drop the lawsuit is a bad idea since Josh has spent the past few months in rehab.


In addition to standing behind Josh during his lawsuit, it’s possible the conservative Christian might be back on TLC airwaves soon. According to sources, the Duggar family has been seen with a camera crew in tow and are getting ready to premiere a new series in 2016.

Although TLC has not confirmed the news, the new series is expected to focus on Jana Duggar, who made an appearance on Jill And Jessa: Counting On. The three-part series tested whether America still wanted to see the Duggar family on air. It appeared to high ratings, possibly giving TLC the green light to start a new project with the Duggar clan.

Since Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, has been seen with the camera crew as well, along with her children, it’s possible Josh Duggar might be back on the small screen sometime soon.

What do you think? Is Josh Duggar “like a roller coaster that went off track?” Should he be back on the air? Leave a comment below!

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