Meetings To Make Rape Legal Canceled After Sparking Worldwide Outrage

The blogger and pro-rape advocate, who earlier this week scheduled meet-ups at various locations around the world for “Return of Kings,” canceled those meetings on Wednesday.

Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh, 36, abruptly canceled the supposed meetings after his advocacy for legalizing rape drew worldwide outrage. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was among those who criticized the blogger.

On Monday, Valizadeh posted on the website that there would be 165 “tribal meetings” across 43 countries, and several of those meetings would be in Texas, particularly in Dallas and Denton.

“I can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on February 6,” Valizadeh said in his blog.

However, he said that even though there will be no official Return of Kings meeting, men who share the same ideas may still meet up.

Gov. Abbott was quick to condemn the plan of the group, which is to push for the legalization of rape under certain conditions.

He further said that the Return of Kings meeting has “disgusting viewpoints” and that he will not tolerate such actions in Texas.

According to Valizadeh’s argument, “rape” that takes place on private property should not be punishable by law. Valizadeh is known for his misogynistic ideas regarding women and the current legal system that he claims has enabled women to not be accountable for their actions while blaming men.

However, after posting his make rape legal commentaries, the activist/writer posted on his Twitter account that the article was satire and should not be taken seriously.

I’ll state once again: the “How To Stop Rape” article was satire. Neither me or my supporters want rape to be legalized. The media is lying.

— Roosh (@rooshv) February 3, 2016

In another article entitled “When No Means Yes,” Valizadeh wrote that men cannot just stop and control themselves when their testosterone levels are already at their highest.

Meanwhile, in a post entitled “Women Have Reduced Themselves to Sexual Commodities,” the writer suggests that men should view women as “oil wells” that can provide the needs of a healthy man, which is sexual pleasure.

In the governor’s statement, he called the group “pathetic.” In addition, even if the leader said that the post was satirical, there was no indication that the group would not push through with their meetings prior to Roosh V’s cancellation.

Aside from allegedly pushing to make rape legal, the group has also promoted the term “neomasculinity,” which means that gender equality is a myth and that society should revert back to the traditional roles in terms of gender, where men were seen as superior to women.

The term also disparages homosexuality, calling it is artificial and “deviant.”

Other locations where the meetings were canceled include Salt Lake City and Provo in Utah.

As soon as he heard about the announced meetings, University of Utah student Joe Paine initially set up a counter-protest at the Salt Lake City Public Library amphitheater, where the ROK people were supposed to meet.

Now, even though the ROK tribal meeting is no longer proceeding, Paine said that they would still push to promote gender equality.

“I think it’s good… if we have an equal rights rally regardless of what they’re saying or what they’re doing,” Paine said in an interview.

On the other hand, in spite of the fact that Valizadeh canceled the meetings, he may no longer be able to travel to some countries due to his suggestions to make rape legal.

An online petition has already garnered 50,000 signatures, which called on the Scottish government to ban the American writer from visiting the country because of his desire to make rape legal.

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