One Direction Fans Charity Effort On World Cancer Day

In the crazy world of One Direction, it is all too easy to get caught up in the drama of everyday gossip and speculation. In recent weeks, we have seen One Direction news concentrate of the reported arrival of Louis’ Tomlinson’s baby and the fact that Harry Styles is moving on from One Direction’s management team. Fans of One Direction follow every detail of every story with the kind of attention normally reserved for forensic investigation teams. The loyalty of One Direction fans is already legendary, but on occasion, their passion for their favorite band has earned some one Direction fans a less than enviable reputation.

Louis Tomlinson is known to be a massive supporter of charities, especially those that focus on children with serious and life threatening illnesses. The One Direction star is aided in his charitable endeavours by his mother Johannah Deakin. Last month Inquisitr exclusively revealed how One Direction star Louis and his mother had made a real difference to the life of nine-year-old Harvey Hext and his family.


Harvey had been suffering from childhood cancer neuroblastoma and sadly passed away from the illness last November. Harvey’s mother told us about Louis inviting the family to a One Direction concert, to the “Believe In Magic” Cinderella ball and numerous other small acts of thoughtful kindness.

Last August, The Mirror revealed how One Direction star Louis had donated $3 million of his own cash to help the Believe In Magic charity. Neuroblastoma sadly has a low survival rate, and funds are desperately needed for research into the condition. Louis and Johannah have recently become involved with Niamh’s Next Step, a charity that raises funds to support the families of children with neuroblastoma. The founders lost little Niamh to the disease when she was just five-years-old.


The members of One Direction are extremely supportive of a wide range of charitable efforts but what is less well known is that the boys have inspired a number of One Direction fan groups to follow their lead in terms of charitable giving. Groups have raised enormous sums of money for charities supported by One Direction members in honor of the boys birthday’s.

Now a fan group has extended that tradition by launching an appeal to support Niamh’s Next Step in honor of Johannah Deakin’s birthday next month. Fan group One Direction NDA [No Drama Allowed] recently launched an appeal to raise $5,000 for the charity and on World Cancer Day are asking One Direction fans to support their appeal.

On their just giving page the organisers of this latest appeal praise Johannah’s generosity in helping sick fans of One Direction to meet their heroes.

“Jay’s generosity also extends to helping countless fans of One Direction, many with serious illnesses to meet the boys! She has always been described as kind and warm by fans who have had the pleasure of meeting her. She and Louis together have selflessly done a great deal of things to make others happy.”

The fan group One Direction NDA may ring a bell in the back of your mind. It should, because the same group recently won and Extra Smile award for their efforts to combat cyber-bullying. One Direction NDA was originally formed to provide a safe space on the internet where One Direction fans could discuss all things One Direction without any of the bullying and name calling that is often present between fans of various bands.


The efforts of One Direction NDA and other fan groups are often overlooked in a media narrative that all too often paints One Direction fans as silly 12-year-old girls with a boy-band obsession. The remarkable efforts of One Direction NDA and other fan groups show that this is not the case.

This fundraising effort is a first for One Direction NDA but others are already in the planning stage. You can find out more about One Direction NDA here and support their charity campaign on their Just Giving page.

[Photo by: KGC-03/STAR MAX/IPx/AP]