Man Finds A Body Organ In His KFC Bucket: ‘It Was Absolutely Vile’

A man who found a body organ in his KFC bucket has slammed Kentucky’s finest for serving up such c**p and has vowed never to set foot in one of Colonel Sanders’ eating establishments again.

According to some, the once trustworthy KFC brand has become a bit sloppy in recent years, and complaints have come in fast and furious from all corners of the globe about foreign and quite disgusting things which have found their way into KFC meals — such as soiled tissues, bloody fingertips, fly larvae, and even a deep fried rat.

Yet to date, no-one has found a body organ in their KFC meal before – that is until one Australian man bit into a piece of prime Kentucky chicken and nearly swallowed a large lung.

You heard it right, a lung! Let’s take our time, folks, digest this tale slowly, and give it the respect it deserves.

Now once upon a time when the moon was young and talking animals roamed the world, there lived a sixth-grade dropout who became a chicken-frying Kentucky Colonel. Such was Colonel Sanders’ success by the time of his death in 1980 that there were an estimated 6,000 KFC outlets in 48 countries worldwide, with $2 billion in sales annually.

Needless to say, folks loved a bit of finger-licking chicken made to Kentucky’s notoriously high standards.

As in most things, in any industry built around consumers, progress is often a byword for a decline in quality, and fast food outlets proved no exception to this universal rule of rampant capitalism.

Time moved on, and fast food became affectionately known as junk food, and any hero who enjoyed gorging on cholesterol and who attempted to bravely persevere with a diet of saturated fat, high-salt content, and sugary abandon, were often plagued by notions of healthy living.

Yet still we buried our heads in the Colonel’s buckets, smoked another cigarette, and learned to forget. But the high times were coming to an end, as the chicken became not so finger-licking but stomach-churning and full of unexpected surprises such as raw giblets and uncooked entrails.

As Australian man, Marc Nicholls, found out much to his cost when he was left disgusted and sick after chomping down on one of KFC’s premium chicken breasts only to nearly swallow a large intact lung. Which as you can imagine, left the poor soul breathless.

Ordering a three piece box of greasy chicken and anticipating the sweet treats to come, Mr Nicholls sat down to soak up the goodness and enjoy his fast food when it all went wrong.

The Daily Mail reports that the disgruntled consumer from Chevron Island on the Gold Coast was left reeling with nausea after biting down both deep and hard into the grey, brain-like flesh.

“It was disgusting. It was absolutely vile. I pulled a piece off [of the breast], then found that and spat the rest out.”

The experience with the lung, ruined the IT technician’s day off work, and to rub salt into the wound, when he alerted staff at the KFC joint in question, he was not initially offered a refund.

A KFC spokesman said that the flesh was most likely a chicken lung or kidney that was mistakenly not removed during preparation of the food. They then stressed that such body organs posed no health risk.

“Most of the time offal is removed in the preparation process, but occasionally it may remain.”

Yet finding a lung in his chicken was the last straw for Mr. Nicholls, who is now fiercely adamant he will get his fast food fix elsewhere.

“You don’t expect to have that type of c*** in your food when you go to KFC. When you’re eating junk food, you’re actually getting junk.”

Listen carefully, and you’ll hear the soft chuckle of the burger clown as he drives another nail into Colonel Sanders’ coffin.

(Image by Marc Nicholls/Facebook)