Valentines Day For Singles: How To Survive The Holiday And Actually Enjoy It

For those who are single, Valentines Day can often be a trying time, and for most just getting through and past the holiday is all they can manage. Most don’t want to be single, or they at least don’t want to be alone. Instead of just surviving the holiday, why not take the time to enjoy it even if you are alone?

There are many activities available for singles to enjoy on Valentines Day. Plenty of vacation packages abound, so if the time is available, consider taking a trip for the holiday. If there’s not a lot of time, for say a weekend getaway, then consider a day trip or trying a new activity. Just because it’s wintertime doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of fun stuff to do during this holiday.

Since Valentines Day is on a Sunday this year, it provides far more options for fun than if it occurred during the week. The Indian Talks offered a guide to planning the perfect Valentines Day. Many of these ideas can be adapted for a single person for the holiday.

Planning a total relaxation day and enjoying a nice meal and a movie at home might be an idea. For women, it could be a day to pamper while for men it could be a day to accomplish crucial home tasks since men aren’t as holiday savvy. Take a stroll through local attractions if weather permits. If there aren’t any good attractions available, consider looking for new activities in nearby places, or simply take a drive in the country as it can be relaxing on its own.

Since women are more likely to struggle with being single on this holiday, there are more ways for women to both survive and enjoy Valentines Day. Bustle offers nine different practical ways for women to enjoy Valentines Day. Tina B. Tessina, aka Dr. Romance, psychotherapist and author of Love Styles: How to Celebrate Your Differences said that it was better to do something rather than just sit around on the holiday.

“Valentine’s Day gets a lot of media attention, and it can be hard to avoid. When you don’t have a special someone to spend it with, or, worse yet, you’ve just lost a relationship, it can be brutal. Don’t focus on what everyone else might be doing,. If you’re alone, it’s important to take good care of yourself.”

For those who have other singles friends, consider rallying friends and making it a day to spend together doing a fun activity. Connecting with others through letters and phone calls is also a great way to spend the day. Reaching out to people you love can often help you feel more loved.

Sometimes reconnecting with oneself and going inward instead of outward is the ticket. Tessina suggested making it an opportunity to reconnect inwardly.

“If you are clear about what will make the day special for you, and focus on that instead of what’s not happening, you’ll feel better about yourself and you won’t have any reason to pity yourself.”

One of the most important tips she suggested is to not ignore Valentines Day. It’s better to make some kind of plans and just do something rather than doing nothing. Consider creating some type of meaningful experience. For those who have a negative attachment to the holiday, this may be the time to change those previous patterns and create positive experiences related to the holiday. Harness the time for good and consider doing something new and making new memories. Happiness comes from the inside and not the outside anyway. Being happy isn’t contingent on relationship status.

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