May 3, 2017
Inserting Marijuana Into Your Vagina Can Now Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Every woman who still gets their period normally has cramps with it. Now, however, if you live in Colorado or California, where marijuana is fully legal for recreational and medicinal use, you can stick weed up inside your vagina to help ease the pain from menstrual cramps. According to Cosmopolitan, there are now marijuana "tampons" that can be inserted into a woman's vagina to relieve their menstrual cramps during their period.

So, not only can marijuana be smoked to help you sleep and eaten to help ease pain, but now, it can be inserted into your vagina to ease menstrual cramps. What will they come up with next?

Having menstrual cramps is a real pain for women. No pun intended. It hurts and can really cause you to be laid up for a few days if you can't find any relief. Cosmopolitan stated, this "tampon" looking suppository includes THC and CB, which are two of the main compounds that are included in marijuana that can relieve pain. The suppository is called Foria Relief, and if you decide to try it for yourself, as long as you live in the states that it is legal in, you will have to pay $44 for a pack of four marijuana suppositories. Not really a bad price for a four-pack of them.

Weed suppositories can now relieve menstrual cramps.
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Apparently, you insert the weed suppository like you would a regular tampon, so the medicine will go directly to where it is needed the most. The weed tampon contains organic cocoa butter, carbon dioxide distilled THC oil, and CBD isolate. These ingredients are supposed to help ease the pain caused by menstrual cramps.

The Dovely says, Foria Relief is actually made from the female flower from the marijuana plant. But how does this really ease your pain from menstrual cramps? Apparently, the two main active ingredients, THC oil and CBD isolate, go straight to your immune system and the nerve endings of your uterus to help bring relief for your cramps. Not only this, but these two ingredients also impact the ovaries and the smooth muscle tissues that surround your ovaries. The THC actually blocks the pain by going straight to your nerve endings of your female parts while the CBD helps ease the inflammation that comes with menstrual cramps and helps in relaxing the muscles that are cramping up.

According to BuzzgFeed, not only do you have to live in California and Colorado to get these suppositories, but you also have to join the Foria collective to be able to buy them and try them out for yourself.

BuzzFeed says that some have been able to try Foria already and say that it does work to help relieve the pain caused by menstrual cramps. Not only does the company say that it has been tried and proven to work, but it also states that Foria is safe enough to not get a woman high from putting it inside her vagina.

However, according to OBGYN Jen Gunter, Foria has not yet been tested to find out if it is completely safe to use this way. She says there have not even been any studies done on this "tampon" like suppository. Also, the claims that the company are making on their website about Foria aren't even supported by a scientist. She is also concerned about the part where they claim it can't get a woman high from using it this way.

Not only this, but Gunter is also concerned about the amount of THC in this new product for women. The normal amount of THC levels should only be 10 milligrams. Foria contains 60 milligrams in it!

Gunter also said that if your menstrual cramps get bad enough that you need something like this, talk to your doctor first before you try it.

Weed can now be inserted into a woman's vagina to relieve cramps.
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What do you think about Foria Relief? Do you think it will work for women to help them relieve their menstrual cramps? Do you think it is safe enough and would you try it to relieve your pain from cramps? Sound off with your opinion on this and let your voice be heard!

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