‘Go F*** Yourself’ — Harry Styles Reminds Sister’s Boyfriend That She Is Not Allowed To Date Anyone

An amusing new photograph has emerged on social media, showing a note Harry Styles wrote to sister Gemma’s boyfriend.

In the note, Harry formally addresses Gemma Styles’ now-ex-boyfriend, Liam, and signs off with “lots of love” and a full signature.

The content of Harry’s note, however, is nothing more than a curt “Go f*** yourself.”


Adding further to the array of mixed messages, Harry decorates the sweary central content of his note with love hearts.

It follows a funny incident last year during the One Direction performance at the Apple Music Festival, when Harry stopped the show to issue a stern warning to sister Gemma and her date, as reported by Hollywood Life.

“I apologize if I seem a little distracted. My sister’s on a date. I’m trying to keep an eye on it. Behave yourself … It’s disgusting!”

Harry’s One Direction bandmate Liam Payne even piped up, warning Gemma Styles and her beau that “[Harry’s] watching you. We’re all watching you.”

Later, when One Direction were playing a game called “One Direction in One Minute” during an interview with CapitalFM, the interviewer raised the issue of Gemma Styles’ dating life.

“If your sister had to date one of the members of 1D, who would it be, and why?” the interviewer asked.

“There’s no way,” was Harry’s reply.

“She’s not allowed to date anyone.”

Gemma Styles is a columnist for the Debrief, where she sometimes writes about her dating life and the subtleties of connecting with people in a digital world. MTV came out in solidarity with Gemma when they cheekily dubbed Harry Styles “the most embarrassing brother in the world.”

Poor Harry was reminded yet again of the sexual allure of his female family members when One Direction did an interview with Harry’s pal Nick Grimshaw.

After Harry’s mom, Anne Twist, appears on camera to ask the 1D guys a question, Liam Payne pipes up that Harry’s mom is “still hot,” reassuring his curly-haired bandmate that he does not mean to offend.

“It’s a compliment, man.”

Nick Grimshaw agrees that Harry’s mom is “smokin’ hot.” Harry, who was on voice rest at the time, was forced to type his answer in his device.

“I hate this,” was Styles’ eventual response.

In other Harry Styles news, the heartthrob was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills before a trip to the dentist recently.

Harry seems to be changing his fashion allegiance from Gucci to Saint Laurent. The hunk was decked out in a Saint Laurent Hawaiian print shirt and boots as he hit the brand’s Beverly Hills store.


The image of Harry in a Hawaiian-print shirt even inspired a tribute of sorts by Twitter user Doug the Pug.

An highly unlikely image of “Harry Styles as a pug” started doing the rounds.


Not everyone’s mind was on fluff and trifles — some One Direction watchers were worried about news that Harry has broken from the band’s management.

Harry’s break from Modest! Management comes after reports by Us Weekly claimed that the band have definitely broken up and the declared “hiatus” is a cover for a permanent split.

One key Harry Styles account investigated the hunk’s wikipedia page and noted that Harry is still listed as a member of One Direction. The dream of a 1D reunion is still definitely alive for many.


[Photo by Jeff Daly/Invision/AP]