Michael Douglas’ Son Sends Raunchy Letters To Female Fan From Prison

Cameron Douglas, the son of Michael Douglas, is doing serious time in prison for a variety of drug charges, including distribution. Now, letters sent by Douglas to a female fan have labeled him perverted by experts. Douglas was recently transferred from a prison in Pennsylvania to a lower security prison in Connecticut. Michael Douglas has fought to get his son released with no success, as selling crystal meth has a high penalty.

According to Radar Online, “junkie” Cameron Douglas has been sending perverted and sexually controlling letters to a female “fan.”

“He’s sexually perverted — there is no doubt about it,” behavioral investigator Susan Constantine claims.

Cameron Douglas has been exchanging letters and naughty photos with an unnamed woman, and as anything sent from and to a prison is not covered by privacy, they were viewed and read by prison authorities.

“I must say, I was intrigued by your letter and your forward approach. I appreciate someone who can cut through the b.s. and say what’s on their mind… It makes things much simpler… So having said that, allow me to be direct with you… I have a few concerns that I hope you will understand.”

Cameron then went on to list what he’s worried about.

“1. Is that you are over 18 (self-explanatory),” he wrote.

“2. That you are who you say you are, i.e., that the beautiful woman in the picture, and the impressive rhetoric in your letter, is indeed [named redacted],” he added to his list.

Douglas put the rules in place and then asked for more nude pics from the woman.

“So if you can convincingly prove these things to me, and you feel it is worth your time, then I look forward to doing all of those things that you so aptly described in your letter,” he wrote, adding, “P.S. Send more photos if you meet the simple criteria please and I will return the favor.”


Constantine believes that Douglas’ behavior demonstrates that even in prison, he attempts dominant behavior.

“There is no doubt he is running the show, and she is an active submissive participant,” Constantine explained to Radar. “This is not the first time for him. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was an S&M type of an arrangement, because he’s the dominant setting the ground rules and she’s the submissive who must abide by the rules.”

The prison reported that Douglas has been punished for getting caught with drugs in prison, and also testing positive for drugs.


Michael Douglas talked at length to People Magazine about his failures as a parent and a spouse in his first marriage to Diandra Douglas. His oldest child with Diandra, the incarcerated Cameron Douglas, has suffered in adulthood from Michael Douglas’ absences, according to the father of three. Michael Douglas explains that he is hands-on with his two younger children, and he has actively worked on his marriage with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

“When you’re busy all the time, you don’t think about a whole lot of things other than the realities that are in front of you,” he admits.

Cameron Douglas, now 37, has had his sentence extended rather than reduced several times, and will now be in prison until at least 2018.

“I see him twice a month now because he’s incarcerated closer to our home,” said Michael Douglas, who will be the Career Achievement honoree at the AARP Movies for Grownups awards on February 8. “He’s a drug addict, but he’s done more than his fair share of time for it.”


Despite being in prison for all seven years, Cameron Douglas has been unable to kick drugs.

Do you think Cameron Douglas can stay clean for the rest of his stay in prison?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]