Amina Buddafly Pregnancy Confirmed By 'Love & Hip Hop' Cast Mate Rich Dollaz

The Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion show just taped for season 6 and Amina Buddafly dropped another pregnancy bombshell according to a picture leaked at the taping. Well that was still unconfirmed until Rich Dollaz slipped up and quite possibly told Amina's business in the comment section of an Instagram photo according to Wetpaint.

A picture of Amina Buddafly rocking a red dress and an alleged baby bump popped up just after the LHHNY reunion show taping. Claims that Amina is currently three months pregnant had fans of the popular VH1 reality show wondering about the German-born singer's sanity after just learning that her husband Peter Gunz is expecting another son with his forever side chick Tara Wallace.

Amina and Peter have been airing their enormous relationship problems on recent episodes of LHHNY since the newest season start. Just this week, fans saw Peter confess to Amina that Tara is pregnant and then beg for her forgiveness. It was a tough episode to watch as Amina literally came unhinged when she found out that Peter was expecting a baby with Tara, whom he just can't seem to stop cheating with.

On the other hand, Tara Wallace has made it clear that she is not sorry for continuing to have sex with Peter Gunz even though he married Amina Buddafly and had a baby with her. Why would she? Tara was with Peter when he married Amina and then continued to string her along while keeping the marriage a secret. Tara feels like she has just as much claim to Peter as Amina did since she spent 13 years putting up with Peter's cheating and lying.

Fans have been blowing up Twitter all week weighing in on the love triangle between Tara, Peter and Amina so when we found out that Amina might be pregnant again, it seemed pretty crazy. Buddafly was pregnant first, announcing the news on the season 6 premiere but opted to have an abortion after learning that Peter was still screwing around behind her back. When Amina found out that Tara was expecting and keeping the baby, she fell apart. For a second there, it looked like Amina might actually leave Peter, but ultimately, she decided to give him one more chance. Apparently during that chance, Amina decided to get pregnant again. Is it possible that Amina got pregnant again on purpose to make sure Tara didn't steal Peter back?

Anyway, none of that was even confirmed yet but the reunion show picture that The Shade Room shared pretty much told the story. Neither Amina or Peter have commented on the new baby news, probably saving the juicy news for the reunion show in order to boost their ratings. That didn't stop Rich Dollaz from making a few comments that seem to confirm that Amina Buddafly is pregnant with baby number two.

Rich Dollaz posted a picture of himself and Amina on Instagram after the reunion show taping. Someone commented on the photo and asked Rich to spill the beans on whether or not Amina is pregnant again. Rich replied, "@yagirllinddie don't think that's a secret at this point." He's got a point. Once those pictures of Amina looking visibly pregnant during the reunion show taping popped up on social media, it wasn't really a question of whether she was pregnant. A lot of blogs, including Design & Trend questioned whether Amina was pregnant again or if she had lied about having an abortion.

Considering that Tara is due to give birth in just a few weeks and she was supposedly 18 weeks along when she found out, then it's really looking like Amina got pregnant again. If Peter's wife had lied about the abortion, she would have been farther along and be expecting any day now just like Tara Wallace.

[Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images]