February 7, 2016
'Bachelor' News: Amanda Stanton's Ex-Husband Tells His Side Of The Story

This week on The Bachelor, Amanda Stanton talked about her marriage falling apart and made her ex sound pretty bad. Amanda didn't share exactly how long they had been divorced. Now Life & Style actually got the chance to talk to him and found out his side of the story. Nick Buonfiglio is now speaking out about Amanda. If she continues to talk about him, it sounds like Nick won't be staying quiet either. He is the father of Amanda's two daughters and also her ex-husband. There has been a lot of speculation about how long Amanda has been divorced and now Nick is sharing all.

Amanda Stanton just got a divorce from Nick back in June. The two were only divorced for three months when she started trying to win the heart of Ben Higgins. Nick is sharing that his split from Amanda had to do with the couple getting married too young. Nick also shared that they didn't communicate well. Of course, he isn't blaming that part on Amanda or himself because it takes two. Nick also had a few negative things to say about Amanda. He shared that some of their other problems were because of her.
"She tends to get stressed out pretty easily. She can get high anxiety. When we were together, she got very frantic sometimes. The best thing to do is just stay calm, cool and levelheaded with her. I wasn't able to do that as much as I should've. She likes to talk, so just have an open ear."
Ben Higgins better be ready for a family if he picks Amanda Stanton. She has two young girls at home and Nick shares that she will always hold a special place in his heart. Ben will need to be able to be part of the girls lives as well. Nick was pretty nice about what he had to say about Amanda Stanton, but it does seem like he has a different story to tell than she did on the show.
Some people think that Amanda Stanton is the perfect match for Ben Higgins. CMT shared the news that Lee Brice does think that Amanda is the girl he should pick. Amanda is obviously a favorite of Ben and won't be going home anytime soon. Lee was on Bachelor Live this week to share his thoughts on the show. Everyone was asked to pick a favorite and Lee has his for sure. Brice shared why Amanda Stanton would be his pick in the end.
"She's got kids. She's home a lot without me. A single mom? That's a big deal. She's got a tough job. I'm an Amanda guy. Stability in a woman is a very important thing. At least you know she's got priorities. If that's something you're looking for, you know where she stands."
Amanda Stanton made it sound like Nick was not a very responsible parent on the show. They have two daughters together and while Amanda is on the show they are staying with Nick and also with her mother. Amanda is taking time away from her daughters to try to find love with Ben Higgins and is hoping that it works out in the end for her.

Do you think that Nick is as bad of a guy as Amanda Stanton made him sound on the show? Do you think that Amanda could be the one who wins Ben Higgins heart in the end? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

[Image Via Twitter Taken By Lauren Scotti and Styled By Hannah Rich]