Lady Gaga’s Diet: Would You Be Willing To Try This?

Lady Gaga’s diet might not be exactly what you would expect. In fact, according to a recent report, Gaga’s diet could be considered downright weird.

In an effort to get ready for the Oscars, Lady Gaga has opted to only eat sushi and drink champagne, according to Life & Style.

“As Lady Gaga counts down to the Oscars on Feb. 28, she’s making sure she’ll look her best — by sticking to a diet of only sushi and champagne. She calls it her ‘good luck diet.'”

The Life & Style article goes on to report that Lady Gaga’s diet initially began as a joke, but the “Just Dance” singer soon turned the champagne and sushi diet into a superstitious ritual.

“At first she thought the all-fish and bubbly diet just made her feel healthier and more clear-headed, but now she’s turned it into a weird good-luck ritual to help her win the Oscar.”

The source went on to say that Lady Gaga’s people “shrug off” the diet as “Gaga just being Gaga.”

Lady Gaga’s diet plan sounds intriguing — after all, who wouldn’t want to subsist on only sushi and champagne? — but it seems highly unlikely that the famed singer would be able to sustain her busy schedule on the limited diet.

Gossip Cop agrees, writing that the rumor about Gaga consuming only sushi and champagne is “made-up.” stating that Gaga “knows better than to just live off alcohol and sushi.”

“…And the pop star doesn’t just have the Oscars coming up. This Sunday she’ll be performing at the Super Bowl, and in less than two weeks, she’ll do a tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys. All three events require nutrient-filled stamina that Gaga just wouldn’t get from only eating sushi.”

Entertainers are known for having grueling schedules, and it seems more likely that Gaga would eat an array of healthy foods in an effort to provide her body with as many nutrients as possible.

In fact, in 2011, Fitness Magazine shared two recipes from Lady Gaga’s diet: One was a quinoa tabouli with roasted sweet potato, and the other was Swedish pancakes with raspberries. Both recipes come from one of Lady Gaga’s favorite cookbooks, titled The Factor-5 World Diet, according to Fitness Magazine.

This isn’t the first time Lady Gaga’s diet has been discussed publicly. Prior to her wedding, Lady Gaga’s eating habits received quite a bit of press. Find out more about her diet (and her wedding to Taylor Kinney) in the video below.

As noted by Gossip Cop, it will be a big month for Lady Gaga as she will be in the public eye quite a bit during February. It was recently announced that fans should expect to see the “Poker Face” singer perform the national anthem before the start of the 50th Super Bowl on Feb. 6 in San Francisco, and on Feb. 15, Gaga will be the lead performer in a tribute to recently deceased David Bowie. According to a release from the Recording Academy, Lady Gaga will perform “a multisensory testament to the icon’s incredible artistry and a reflection of his limitless creativity.”

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s diet? Do you think you would be willing to try her alleged sushi and champagne ritual? Why or why not?

Find out more about the busy month Lady Gaga has scheduled in the video below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment]