‘Bachelor’ Amanda Stanton Turned ‘Momma Bear’ After Olivia Caridi’s ‘Teen Mom’ Comment, Snooki Responds

Amanda Stanton received a lot of encouraging tweets after the latest episode of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins aired, so much so that she was overwhelmed. On Monday, Amanda, who can currently be seen pursing Ben on the dating reality show, thanked everyone who has shown her love and support.

Amanda tweeted that everyone’s kind words mean more to her than they’ll ever know.

Amanda received a lot of support in regard to sharing her story about why she got a divorced and Olivia Caridi making her Teen Mom comment. On the latest episode, as the women were sitting around and talking to one another during their stay in Mexico City, Amanda was talking about how she co-parents her two young daughters with her ex-husband. She was asked whether her ex-husband has the children every other weekend or if the children are with her mom. Amanda replied that it’s supposed to be that her ex-husband has the children every other weekend but that this weekend, her ex-husband will just have them Friday after work and then her mom will pick them up Saturday morning.

All of a sudden Olivia, who was listening in, said that the conversation reminded her of Teen Mom.

“I feel like it’s an episode of Teen Mom that I watch … freaks me out.”

“What was that?” Amanda asked.

Olivia repeated her Teen Mom comment.

“I feel like it’s an episode of Teen Mom, like…well you know that show…like.”

Amanda let out an incredulous laugh. The other women looked shocked. Amanda then told Olivia that her telling somebody that they remind her of a Teen Mom episode is insensitive. Amanda likened it to telling someone that they remind her of Snooki from Jersey Shore when she was a hot mess all the time.

Upon realizing her gaffe, Olivia said that she’s learning a lot of about herself, apologized, and started crying. Olivia promised the women that she’s “going to try harder from here on out.” “I’m trying,” she added.

As the scene aired, Amanda tweeted that she, as a “momma bear,” was biting her tongue.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, herself the mom of two young children now, publicly replied to the “hot mess” comment with humor. She thanked Amanda for the “hot mess shout out.”

In her interview, Amanda pointed out that she was 22 when she had her first child and 24 when she had her second. She said that she’s an adult who has her “s**t together” and that Olivia’s comment was not a very nice thing to say to somebody.

Olivia likening Amanda’s situation to a Teen Mom episode wasn’t the first time she said something questionable. On a previous episode, she told Ben how difficult it was for her to have cankles, after he had revealed that two people close to him had just died. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Olivia defended herself after that episode aired by saying that her conversation with Ben was “butchered.”

Besides reacting to Olivia Caridi likening to an episode of Teen Mom, Amanda also poked fun at the scene that showed her looking perfect and being sweet after Ben, without any notice, woke her up very early in the morning for their one-on-one date. Some of the other women hid under the blankets, worried about Ben and the Bachelor audience seeing them without any makeup on, their hair not done and not having brushed their teeth yet. In contrast, Amanda looked as if she’s just waiting for Ben to come get her.

As the scene aired, Amanda admitted that she usually doesn’t wake up like that but was glad that she did that particular morning.

During her one-on-one date with Ben, Amanda shared that her ex-husband was not committed to the marriage and children, preferring instead to spend his free time with his friends. She also shared that she found evidence that he cheated on her with multiple women. Amanda’s ex recently spoke out about his relationship with Amanda to Life & Style. He contributed to the demise of their marriage to the fact that they married too young and didn’t communicate well. He also said that she has anxiety.

“She tends to get stressed out pretty easily. She can get high anxiety. When we were together, she got very frantic sometimes.”

Amanda Stanton’s ex also gave some advice to Ben Higgins if it turns out to be Amanda standing last on the Bachelor finale. Besides being ready for an “instant family,” Amanda’s ex told Ben that he should stay calm and have an open ear.

“The best thing to do is just stay calm, cool and levelheaded with her…She likes to talk, so just have an open ear.”

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